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The Best Vocal Exercises that will Enhance your Singing

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Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a lovely singing voice. This is one of the reasons why most professional singers still do vocal exercises. Just like the muscles in your body, the organs and body parts which are directly involved in one’s ability to sing should be worked out once in a while.

The singing voice becomes rusty when it’s not conditioned an exercised on a daily and regular basis. If you have a busy schedule and you do not have the luxury of time to go to a vocal coach every day, here are some helpful vocal exercises which you can very well do at the comforts of your own home.

These exercises will ensure that you get your singing voice in good condition at all times. You don’t have to make all those excuses that you can’t sing in a karaoke party because you have not well rehearsed and practiced your vocal cords in a long time. Attempting to make this excuse will make you look like you just don’t have the skill to sing as well as you claim that you can.

Start with Proper Breathing Techniques

You have to tank up with the fuel of your voice. Proper breathing management skills will enable you to breathe in and out effectively, and this is already a simple and yet effective example of vocal exercise. Despite the fact that you’re just practicing, you need to condition your lungs on a regular basis, so it wouldn’t have a hard time in adjusting when the time comes that you need to sing on stage already.

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Master Better Posture

You can’t effectively belch out your singing voice when you’re in a slump position. The best position when doing vocal exercises is while you’re standing. It’s quite impossible to carry out a tune and prolong a note when you’re in a sitting position. When you’re in a standing position, you will be able to use all your accessory muscles that support proper diaphragmatic breathing. Make sure that your spine is aligned so you won’t have a hard time in taking quick and deep breaths. A well -aligned spinal column directly affects your vocal folds. When you’re not assuming a good position, there will be limitations on the vibratory registers and pitch produced by the larynx. This limitation will cause you to catch your breath during singing and at the same time limit your ability to reach your optimal vocal range.

Practice Trusted Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters might seem like insensible to some people, but this is important most especially when you need to cover songs after songs for a performance. The flexibility of your tongue as an articulator will depend on how often you exercise them. You don’t want to be tongue tied while singing in front of a big crowd, right?
Doing tongue twisters might sound funny and silly but this greatly helps in proper articulation and enunciation while you’re singing.

Practice your Musical Scales at Least Once a Week

Practicing with a vocal coach is integral, especially when you’re planning to be a professional singer. This may cost you a lot, but only professionals can help your better understand the science behind effective singing. Practicing with a piano using musical scales and tunes will allow you to check if your vocal range, timber, and quality have changed since your last practice. This will also condition your articulators since you will be phrasing and pronouncing different short phrases while exercising using scales.

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Basic vocal exercises will never fail in providing you with the best results when you’re already on stage singing in front of a very large crowd. Vocal exercises are integral so that you can condition what you currently have enhanced. Learning to develop proper respiration, phonation, resonance, and articulation aren’t sufficient enough to have a good singing voice. You have to continually enhance these physical processes so you can move up from being an amateur to a pro through tried and tested vocal exercises.

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