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The Best Skincare Diet Tips from Experts

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The innovation in science and technology allows us to see how close the relationship is between food/nutrition and skin care formulas. Countless botanicals that are beneficial herbs for the body are also used in skin care. These are either mixed with food, or are taken internally. For thousands of years, these botanicals have been used by humans. The protection and supplemented benefits they give to the human body – at a cellular level – have not changed at all. Skin cells are taught how to defend, increase in hydration, reduce inflammation, detoxify, and so much more by the designer ingredients that are found in skin care formulas these days.

Over the last five years, there have been remarkable advancements in the formulation of skin care products. These advancements include a diverse set of recently developed peptides, anti-glycation ingredients and advanced plant stem cell extracts with a wide variety of benefits: it helps increase cellular longevity and provides protection from cell deterioration during ageing, DNA damage, stress, toxins, and other invaders that are external or internal.

It is true that we have made scientific breakthroughs and are on our way to a new dimension in the world of skin care.

According to one of our Educators, “the worst thing you can do for your skin is not wear a quality sunscreen”. There is a lot of truth to that statement because the skin cannot go through the process of restoration while it is being attacked. USA PASS (Public Access to Sun Screens) Coalition formulated new standards of sun care that are designed to minimize the effect of skin cancers and will intensify the application of higher quality sun screens. A Charter Member of the PASS Coalition, Dr. Harry Fallick, is the developer and supplier of our TIZO sunscreen.

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The formulation of these advances sunscreens include new ingredients that not only hydrate, but also protect the skin by providing a secondary medium of dealing with radicals through peptide technology. These days, we have ‘ photo-stable’ sunscreens that will not degenerate when used under the scorching heat of the sun or on our bodies when they absorb the intense power of UV light. These sunscreens are also ‘ broad spectrum’ , meaning they protect against UV A&B while other sunscreens only have SPF which is only a measure of UVB. The new formula in these sunscreens are light feeling, you won’ t notice that you have them on. They are also much stronger the older sunscreens with sticky formulas.

Since there is an increase in the number of scientists, there is also an increase in discoveries made to produce better products and formulas for consumers. Recent formulations in skin care products have specific and functional formulas that allow them to deal with different skin conditions, especially the inflamed and sensitive skin caused by environmental damage. A picture of the cell wall is seen below. The cell wall is responsible for protecting our cells from invasion; it is al so designed to filter and accept the functional ingredients such as hormones, peptides, vitamins and fluids.

To create healthier skin, the skin care experts have recently invented ingredients that will be accepted by the cell wall.

As the scientists conduct research about the role of the mitochondria in our bodies as we age, new facts are revealed. We were so active and vibrant when we were younger but as we grew older, our bodies slow down. This is because as we age, we are losing energy due to the loss or dysfunction of the mitochondria in our cells. The mitochondria is not only responsible for creating energy in our bodies; it is also in charge of cholesterol metabolism, estrogen and testosterone production, detoxification and signal transduction, cell cycle regulation, oxidative stress, thermogenesis and cellular apoptosis (death). All of these factors have contributions to healthy and functional skin. Our bodies are in constantly under attack internally and externally; and the only way that we can have better chances of survival, is if our physiology is better.

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The DNA of the mitochondria is solely from the mother parent. The truth is, we have the ability to create more mitochondria as we grow older. This is possible through the combination of calorie restriction and effective exercise to combat the effects of our lifestyle and toxins in our body. Resveratrol, a new ingredient, helps the mitochondria function properly. This new ingredient in dietary supplements has been seen by the media in recent years.

The core of life in our body’ s cells is the mitochondria and it is essential to make our skin look and feel better. Check out our website for information on stimulating the Krebs Cycle to further enhance cellular activity in our skin.

A diet high in phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, essential fats and proteins will help the body convert these into components that are essential the energy cycle, protective enzymes and building blocks for other important functions.

Our bodies are incredible pieces of machinery and no man-made structure will ever be able to surpass its sophistication.

In this modern age of food convenience, our bodies are over supplied with too much sugar, fat, and salt. Among the three, sugar is a major concern because it causes diabetes in the body. As if diabetes is not bad enough, sugar also creates precursor conditions such inflamed skin, wrinkles, breakdown of collagen and elastin, and oxidative stress.

The skin care treatments and products of today contain ingredients that can be found in our food. These ingredients included in our high quality skin care formulas (these are available in our website) are effective in fueling our skin and our outer protective and sensory layer.

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We will be conducting more studies in the coming years to know more about our skin. These studies will include the mystery of the elastin, how to support hormones through botanical ingredients, how to stimulate the Krebs Cycle that builds the mitochondria, sugar detoxification through enzyme inhibition, controlling and reducing skin pigmentation, and so much more. With these new discoveries, expect the rise of the level of sophistication in skin care formulas.

Your outer skin as a mirror that reflects the current state of the inner health of your body.

Give your skin and body the right nutrients. Stay wise and healthy.

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