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The Fountain of Beauty

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Fact: most of us spend hours in front of the mirror, wipe facial creams, toners, serums and other bottled skin-care products to make our skin beautiful. These products are staples in our daily beauty regimen but no matter how hard we try to stick to the schedule, we know deep down that it’s not enough to make our skin beautiful and young-looking. It’s an open secret that great skin comes from within and that is the reason why these days, a lot of skin-care elixirs and beauty-boosting nutritional supplements and beverages are out in the market these days. These products are slowly gaining popularity and are now being included in the daily skin-care routine of a lot of women.

Here comes Fountain –a line of liquid dietary supplements (the name of the brand is just perfect!) that gives women the promise of beautiful, radiant skin. The “clinically chic” brand hails all the way from Britain and when it finally hit American shores, we just had to try it (and drink a couple of bottles, of course). Our discoveries are listed below:

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1. Fountain is a beauty must-have. Three years ago, Fountain became the top-selling supplement brand in every single Boots pharmacy all over Britain. Note that this happened just a few months after it was launched in 2013. Not only that, it is also the top-selling brand at boots.com. A bottle of Fountain will cost you $26-60$ but fret not since the supply is good for 48 days. Indeed, this mega-watt brand is a huge hit (bottles are sold every 11 seconds!) and that was before they arrived in the United States.

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2. The line has 10 targeted blends to make your skin beautiful. What are these targeted blends, you ask? They are filed under these categories: Look Good, Feel Good, and Be Good. The products in each category will definitely remind you of Science-related terms that you encountered when you were still in elementary school. Some of their top products are: the Beauty Molecule which contains resveratrol (each teaspoon contains 26,000 red grapes), the Happy Molecule which contains GABA and curcumin (a diarylheptanoid found in turmeric), and the Geek Molecule which contains zinc and gotu kola(helps with anti-aging). The brand highly recommends their version of green juice which includes alfalfa chlorophyll and kelp for total body health and an instant beauty boost.

3. The secret to Fountain’s popularity in the skin-care industry? Liquid formulations. According to the brand, most of the nutritional supplements in the market these days contain active ingredients that are quite difficult to dissolve in water. What does this mean? It means that since these active ingredients are difficult to dissolve in water, our body will be having an even more difficult time in absorbing nutrients from these active ingredients. The crummy binding used in pills does not help either.

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4. Fountain gives you enough reason to care about liquid formulations. Nicola Kilner, co-CEO of Fountain, says that “supplements in liquid form can be quickly and completely absorbed by the body”. Kilner, who used to be the head of innovation buying at Boots, travelled to different countries around the world to scout for the perfect products and ingredients. Liquid formulations make it easy for your body to absorb the ingredients from the supplements.

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5. Drink it raw, mix it with juice, whatever floats your boat. Some customers drink it straight from the bottle while some mix it with their favorite green juice. Customers from Britain mix Fountain into their morning beverage. Sometimes, they drink it as a beauty shot, according to Kilner. Nope, it doesn’t seem like she was joking.

6.The bottles double as decorative art pieces. Fountain’s liquid formulations are contained in bright and pretty bottles; it will make you want to display them in places that will always remind you to drink your supplements. When you’re done drinking, you can use the bottles to decorate your house. You can use it as a candle holder, a mini flower vase, a pen holder, the possibilities are endless. The bottle design is also very well thought of: apothecary packaging, vibrant colors, and the labels are written in sans-serif.

7. Fountain’s obsession: hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid, according to Kilner, is “nature’s own lubricant”. It has the “ability to provide astonishing skin plumping results in just two weeks”, she adds. If that’s what hyaluronic acid does to the skin in a very short period of time, then there is absolutely no wonder that among the products in Fountain’s line of liquid supplements, the Hyaluronic Molecule stands out the most. The brand adds a generous amount of hyaluronic acid to all of its products because it leaves the skin hydrated, healthy, and young looking.

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Beauty benefits from your morning beverage. Not bad, eh?

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