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Good To Know Tips Before Going On An Acne Popping Spree

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Acne popping is such an enjoyable activity for me. I usually wait for them to mature and ripen before I go about my weird but fulfilling acne-popping activity. But it was after the first six months of popping my first zit that I discovered the irreversible effects of acne popping.

The blemishes and scars on my skin seem to not clear out off my face despite the constant face cleansing and exfoliation. I had to learn the hard way. I was left with these nasty and unsightly acne marks on my face. However tough on my self-esteem, I still looked for treatments to soothe my skin and regimens that can reduce the appearance of acne on my skin.

Despite all these skincare interventions acne popping is so satisfying, that I unconsciously do it from time to time. If you can’t get enough of that acne popping action, here are some ways on how you can do them in a satisfying manner without compromising the clarity and integrity of your skin.

Sterilize and Disinfect Before Any Acne Popping Activity

There are several ways on how one can go about acne popping. What I would usually do is just squeeze them as soon as I see them in the mirror. But this leads to re-infection and re-growth of the acne on the same exact site. This is something that you don’t want to happen, right? As much as I love acne popping, it’s actually irritating that I have to do it a second time after a day on the exact site. My primary reason for acne popping is because I want it to clear it out as soon as I can. But re-infection and re-appearance would only mean that I was not successful in my task.

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To get rid of re-infection and re-appearance that leads to eventual scarring, you need to follow some acne popping precautions so you can avoid such problems.

If you’re using your bare hands in acne popping, it’s actually a no-brainer that you should wash them first. If you have long nails, you really don’t need to clip them. Just make sure that they’re clean so you avoid further acne infection.

If you’re fond of using needles to pop acnes be sure to sterilize them first. Placing them in hot water for 3 minutes is one of the easiest ways of sterilizing them. Inspect your needle first and check for the presence of rust. If you’re needle is rusty, there’s no need to sterilize them. These rusty needles should be disposed right away.

Once you’ve washed your face and hands you can already start with your fun acne popping activity. Remember that the only way to prevent scarring from this experience is through the proper disinfection and cleaning of your hands and acne popping tools.

Poke Before Acne Popping

One of the most important procedures in acne popping is poking through the “eye” of your acne. Now the “eye” portion of your acne is that shiny part that’s visible to you. It is the center and is usually tender when touched. This is where much of the fluid (should I say “pus) are concentrated. Depending on the maturity of acnes, they’re either hard or soft. Nevertheless, you need to poke through the “eye” of the acne first before you begin squeezing the rest of the fluid out.

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You can use either a blackhead extracting tool or a needle to do this. Again, be sure that you sterilize your tools first before you go about poking through acnes. Once you’ve secured your tool’s sterility, poke through the eye gently ensuring that you have indeed made a little hole in its center. You will see a small amount of fluid oozing through this small hole. Once you’ve done that you can go ahead and use your bare hands in squeezing the rest out of the hole. The pressure you’re exerting on the sides of the acne will increase the pressure inside the pore, thereby increasing the size of the small hole you’ve created.

Your acne popping activity might get tougher if the acne is a bit hard to the touch. You need to do a different poking approach for this type of situation. Using the pointed end of your blackhead-extracting tool or a needle, you need to poke through the edge of the acne. Poke all the way around the edge of your acne or poke until mid way. Once that’s done you can go ahead and enjoy acne popping. This is easier since you’ll be able to squeeze out all the acne out of your skin pore. If you properly do it a soft and gentle acne-popping squeeze will finish the job. Just be sure to disinfect the skin after the procedure so you further reduce the chance of acne re-infection.

Here are just two of the many ways to properly manage your acne popping activity. Of course, it’s so much better to just leave your acnes alone to ripen, mature, and eventually fade out. But then again, it’s obviously a hard and unavoidable thing to do for everybody.

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The best alternative to this would be ensuring that you avoid those nasty little scars that arise from improper and unsterile acne popping habits.

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