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The Different Types of Tummies and How to Deal With Them

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Most of us have a specific problem area in our body. Some of us have our legs, arms and thighs. However, one of the most common problem area that any gender face is the stomach area. May you be naturally thin or plump, the stomach area can cause an unwanted bulge. You can think of different ways to deal with your stomach using target exercises for flattening and sculpting. However the best way to fix your target area is to know what type you have, why you have it and what you can do to flatten them. Below are some common stomach types and solutions for each one of them.

The Post-Baby Tummy

After giving birth our body changes. Our uterus is 13 to 15 times heavier than it was before pregnancy. It takes approximately six to eight weeks to return to its original size and weight. However, some people have a hard time shedding off the so called mummy tummy. Even after a few months or years the original size of their stomach pre-pregnancy has not been fully achieved. Thankfully, you don’t have to perform a thousand crunches every day to regain your flat stomach. The first thing you have to do when facing the post baby tummy is pelvic floor exercises. Working out your pelvic floor muscles will create a natural shaping suit for your body, giving you that flat stomach.

The Bloated Tummy

This is a common problem for most women. You can notice this stomach in slim women. You may have toned legs and arms, but have a bloated stomach. This is mostly caused by inflammation of the digestive system. The inflammation typically happens in the lower part of the stomach, just below the belly button. Dieting and crunches aren’t able to remove the bloating. This is mostly due to the inflammation cause by allergies, sluggish bowels, food intolerance or all three. If you have a bloated tummy check your reaction to food and see if you have food intolerance. Start by eliminating food from your diet and check after a week. Some of the common food allergies are yeast, alcohol, processed dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar. Eliminate one food group at a time. If you have problems with indigestion or gas then picks foods that are easily digested and increase water intake.

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The Overweight Tummy

This is the tummy you get when you have too much fat on your body. Overweight women tend to store more fat in their midsection area and perhaps in their legs or arms. This type of stomach is the most basic and easiest to deal with. Removing high calorie meals, alcohol, processed food, sugar, starchy carbohydrates and fast food are the first thing to do. Remove your stored fat by performing cardio or interval exercises. Tone your tummy by performing core exercises.

The Stress Tummy

This type of tummy is usually found in people that are perfectionist and hard-working. The fat in this area is fairly hard unlike normal fat. To reduce the appearance of stress tummy is to ditch processed food, soft drinks, sugar, tobacco, tea and coffees, processed foods, alcohol, tobacco and sugar. This type of fat can also appear on the arms and legs. After dropping this food group, learning to relax and exercise. Stick to Pilates and yoga to help reduce stress and fat in the midriff. Try to stretch in the morning to help soften the body.

The Little Pooch

This type of tummies usually occur to busy women or people that work sedentary jobs. You can identify this with people that have slim frames but have a tiny pouch in their stomach. This happens when you tend to sit all day or eat fatty foods. You can get rid of this pooch by performing target exercises. Mostly core exercises to help tone the tummy. Reduce your fat intake and add more leafy greens to your meal. After eating, try to stand for a few minutes or walk around.

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Have you determined what type of tummy you have? Try out the tips above and perform the right tips for sculpting and flattening your stomach. Tell us your experiences and other tips you can share. Stay fit everyone!

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