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Steps to Following Korean Skin Care Routine

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Koreans are well known for their amazingly flawless and beautiful skin which isn’t surprising given that their women actually see their complexion as a worthy investment hence they have come up with a skin care routine that yields some jawdropping results. Fortunately, Koreans aren’t stingy with their beauty secrets so if you want to achieve a flawless complexion, you might want to try the following steps that most Koreans follow for their skin care routine.

Prep face for pre-cleanse. Koreans often follow the “double cleanse” method to remove all makeup as well as product and sweat buildup from their face. First, they use a towellete that contains nutrients to wipe away the creams and makeup powders they use on their face. Second, they use a gentle oil cleanser and lukewarm water to draw out the oils and other impurities. Oil cleansers are actually beneficial to the skin as they can remove almost all the dirt and product buildup without drying your skin.

Cleanse again. Koreans are into removing all possible dirt, sweat, and product buildup on their skin hence they do cleansing twice. You can use a water-based cleanser or foam cleanser to further remove any remaining dirt or germs from your skin. Take note that you only need to massage in circular motion rather than rubbing the cleanser in.

Exfoliate. Our skin needs to be exfoliated from time to time to remove any dead skin cells that are lying on the surface which is exactly what Koreans do. Although exfoliating daily is harsh on the skin, you can still focus your efforts on areas that need it the most like your forehead, near your nose, and even your mouth too.

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Don’t forget your toner. Koreans believe that in order for your skin to absorb the essential nutrients from your skin care routine, you will need to use a toner. And not the toners that are filled with alcohol based ingredients but rather the hydrating ones.

Spray essence. One of the secrets that Koreans use when it comes to their skin is spraying essence. Essence is basically a nourishing liquid that boosts cellular renewal which aids in tightening one’s skin. Spritz some on your skin then gently tap with your fingers to help speed up the absorption of the liquid.

Use an ampoule. This skin care product is a different kind of essence as it has a slicker consistence and is packed with essential vitamins that addresses all skin issues that you may be having.

Massage, patch, and mask. Facial sheet masks are best used two to three times in a week to get the most out of them. On the days that you are not using any facial sheet masks, give your face a good five-minute massage to help boost blood flow.

Apply eye cream. Since the areas around the eyes are first to develop lines and wrinkles, you should prevent them from occuring by applying eye cream. Simply tap the cream onto your skin rather than pressing hard or rubbing it in.

Moisturize. You will need to moisturize your skin too so lightly tap your facial moisturizer to nourish the skin.

Use a sleeping pack. Just like what you did in the first two steps, you will also need to double up on your moisturizer by using a night cream or a sleeping pack. What this does is to trap the moisture in your skin overnight so that it will be hydrated come the morning.

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