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Do’s and Don’ts for Loving Your Nails

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Your nails are probably the last thing to pop into your mind when it comes to beauty but this should not be so. For one thing, your hands are doing quite a lot of work and your nails are constantly exposed to water, heat, and other environmental factors that can make them brittle, discolored, and weak. Most of us rely on nail salons to care for our nails but the cost of this service may not be appropriate for everyone’s budget.

Fortunately, you can maintain beautiful nails easily by keeping these do’s and don’ts in mind.


Use rubber gloves. Regardless of whether you are washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or tending your garden, it is always a good idea to wear rubber gloves to protect your nails. Leaving your nails constantly soaked in water or anything damp can weaken your nails which is why it is best to protect it at all times.

File in one direction. There is a common misconception that filing nails should be done in a to and fro motion but this is not ideal as it can leave your nails cracked. Always start from the outside going in for a more even surface.

Use the right trimming tools. Before you even file your nails, make sure that you trim it with sharp manicure scissors or nail clippers. File after to create a smooth, rounded tip. Also, make it a point to take care of all your nail cleaning tools after every use to prevent bacteria from growing. Dispose of any tools that are old or broken.

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Moisturize. Another habit that you must do is to moisturize your nails and cuticles at least once a day. This will help strengthen your nails and prevent them from easily cracking. They can also help them shine naturally too.

Use appropriate tools for your tasks. Your nails will fare much better if you remember that they are not tools. They are not used for opening letters, cans, and whatever it is that you need to get opened. Use the right tools, always.


Avoid overusing nail polish remover. When removing your nail polish, make sure that you don’t overdo your use of your nail polish remover. You only need to place a small amount in a cotton ball and dab it on your nails until the nail polish is removed.

Don’t trim your cuticles. It can be tempting to trim your cuticles but it is best that you avoid this. Cutting or trimming your cuticles will only expose your nails to bacteria and other germs. Keep in mind that the cuticle protects the nail bed so it is best to leave it alone. You can, however, push it back while it is still moist.

Don’t ignore changes on your nails or cuticles. Paying attention to the health of your nails is important if you don’t want to experience discomfort in the long run. Nails that are infected can fall off or infect the other nails making them discolored and brittle.

Avoid pulling hangnails. Hangnails are a bother for sure but don’t tear them off because you might injure yourself in the process. Tearing a piece of your skin in the process is not something you want to look forward to. Plus, your nails can be infected.

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Don’t apply nail polish directly on your nails. We all are pressed for time but this doesn’t give us the license to skip the most important part when coloring our nails which is to apply a base coat first. Applying nail polish directly on our nails can damage it in the long run.

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