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Mastering Your Muscles

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Do you want to get the most out of your exercise? Do you want to bulk up or avoid looking too muscular? To work out at all, you have to know your muscles. Know how it
works and what you can do to help it. A lot of gym buffs will go to the gym and focus on certain areas such as the chest, biceps and triceps, and they’ve become so strong that they have muscles on their muscles. Though, when asked how you can work out your Terea Major and they won’t know the answer. This doesn’t come as a surprise since mostly everyone doesn’t, unless you’re asking a gym goer that is also a doctor, nurse or
anyone in the medical and anatomy field.

Our body is composed of 600 muscles and memorizing all of them is difficult. But knowing a little bit more about them can help you work out. Below are some muscle facts you need to know!

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The Strongest Muscles

What do you think is the body’s strongest muscle? Is it the biceps? Thighs? Chest? You’d be surprised to know that the strongest muscle in the body can be found in the face. The masseters or the facial muscle in charge of helping you chew your food. You will notice that people grind their teeth have a more pronounce and square jaw due to the over development of their masseters.


Our muscles are only able to pull and not push. The illusion that our arms and legs are able to push is due to the other muscles in the body pulling the leg and elbow. This is why a lot of exercising machine that helps build the back muscles require you to push, such as rowing machines.

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Chest or Pectorals

This area can be difficult to develop and would require a lot of time and repetitions. Developing these muscles can help reduce sagging in women and stronger upper body for men. The best exercises for this area is where your chest is able to pull your arm muscle. Such as flat dumbbell fly, barbell bench press and weighted dips. You can optimize your workout by laying on your back when performing chest exercises. This reduces the stress in your back muscles and mostly focus on your pectorals.


the forearm is compromised by the Flexor Carpi, Extensor Carpi and Brachioradials the best exercises for this area is the farmers walk and towel pull ups. Your forearm plays a huge role in carrying bags and pulling.

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Side Abs or the Oblique

this is the muscle that gives women that beautiful curve. Developing this muscle can also help with posture and improving the core area. The best exercises for these areas will require pushing from the arms and shoulders such as the Russian twist and wood chop. It’s important to develop this muscle before considering using heavier weights for lifting to avoid back injury.

The Abdominal area

This is a wide area of muscle that a lot of us have problems with. The abdominal muscle is not as hard to develop as other muscles, but making them visible is a whole new subject. The abdominal muscles are often hidden away underneath the fat layers in our stomach. To make them more visible, losing weight in the stomach area is ideal. Some exercises for the abdominal area are mountain climbers, medicine ball V ups and spider man plank crunch.

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Gluteus Maximus

There has been a lot of emphasis on growing this muscle as of late. The trend of having a developed buttocks is attractive and desired. The rise of barbell hip thrust, stiff legged deadlift and Kettlebell swings prove that this trend is going to last.

A great and efficient routine includes isolated movements and compound movements. Isolated movements require you to target one muscle in the body. An example of
isolated movement is bicep curls, triceps extensions and flyes. Compound movement uses more than one major muscle at once. An example of this would be squats, deadlifts and bench press. Now that you know which exercise target which muscle, we hope that this will help you find the ideal isolation and compound movement to help you achieve your goal. Just remember to be careful and not pull a muscle!

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