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Tips to Being Active Every Day

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As a general species, humans have been progressing backwards when it comes to fitness.
Remember the stories your grandfather used to say? When I was kid we had to go run after ice cream trucks to get ice cream. There weren’t hover boards and I had to walk everywhere. Pizza weren’t delivered to your doorstep, you actually had to harvest your food. Hearing all these things makes you feel that you and your grandfather is from a different world. Though, the lack of a lot of our advancement had made them a far fitter generation than we are today. There are to count a few people that sacrifice a huge bulk of time to working out and looking fine, but a lot of us are stuck in front of the screen sitting all day.

After an 8 to 10 hour shift at work we commute home sitting in a public transportation for a few minutes and go home to lay down and rest. With very little movement, we feel tired and weary at the end of the day. The thought of working out skips our mind and would
just opt for a little R and R. A few decades ago public transportation wasn’t as fast or reliable as it is today. People would opt for cycling, walking, and even jogging home. This was able to keep them active without doing HIIT exercises. Most jobs before took a lot of physical labor and fatty foods were only meant for special occasions.

During this generation the rise of depression and stress related illnesses are sky high. So, the idea that people aren’t as active as they were back in the Stone Age isn’t shocking. Mental exhaustion plays a huge role in our fitness. However, we need to fight every urge in our body that prevents us from being active. Just a few minutes will add years to your life and reduce stress.

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So, what can you do to make sure that you are active every day? Firstly, plan on being active. No, saying to yourself ” I’m going to work out tomorrow” is not considered planning. Write it down or do a preemptive strike to make sure it happens. The beginning is always the hardest,so fighting against yourself is the battle. For example, you say you’re going to jog or take a bike to work. Ask your husband or anyone you room with to hide the car keys for you to prevent you from cheating. Set up your gear and ready to go for the morning. Want to get some yoga before going to work, then alarm everything.
You laptop, cell phone and clock to make sure you wake up in the morning. Place your yoga mat near your bed. There are so many things you can do to help you prepare for being active.

Find some that is motivated to being active and getting into a healthy lifestyle. Having someone scream positive thoughts in your head can change your whole routine. Especially when you see this someone being more active, getting fitter or losing weight more than you. Nothing beats the competitive spirit. Healthy competition or strong encouragement can help you get off your butt and avoid just sitting down on the couch.

Fight the urge! There are usually two ideal times a day we can sneak in a good workout. In the morning and evening. Working out in the afternoon are not ideal for a lot of people, particularly those that can’t really look sweaty or is stuck in a room with a lot of people. In the morning, we usually fight ourselves into punching that snooze button and getting an extra minutes of sleep. This common, most adults get 6 hours of sleep max. Getting that few minutes can help your energy levels, but you what else can increase your energy levels? Exercise! Just 15 minutes in the morning before you hop into the shower can keep you active all day. Regular exercise in the morning can also helpyou fall asleep faster at night. Not all of us are morning people, even when you wake up early the hollow feeling and hatred for the morning can get to us. The next best thing is to work out at night or when you get home. Avoid your bed and your couch at all cost and at least in the beginning walk around your house for 30 minutes before getting your much needed rest.

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These are simple things to do to help yourself be more active. Now, more than ever, your body needs more physical activity to fight off the stress of a hectic lifestyle and temptations of healthy foods. You owe it to yourself. Remember just a few minutes of physical activity can save your life!

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