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Pimple-Clearing Diet

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Pimples often occur when the pores of the skin become clogged with sweat, dirt, dust, and even make up particles that irritate the skin. They can also be triggered by bacteria which can cause inflammation to occur. Whatever the reason may be for these inflamed pustules to appear, one thing is for sure and that it is important that you treat them as soon as possible so you won’t have to feel embarrassed. Yes, there are skin care treatments that you can use that will help reduce the inflammation but sometimes, the healing can come from your diet. Here’s what the pimple-clearing diet is all about.

Stay away from sugar rich foods

Sweets such as cakes, chocolates, and the like do help you feel better but they don’t really do much in terms of your skin. Too much sweets can actually change your hormones which can then lead to pimples forming. This is why health experts recommend that you skip the sweet treats that you are so fond of and look for healthier options instead. Not only will your skin clear up but your energy levels will be stable too.

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Skip processed foods

In these times where everyone is on the go, we often turn to quick meals that are made from processed foods to keep us full. Unfortunately, these processed foods are high in salt, sugar, and fat content which can wreak havoc on your skin. Although they make things easier on your end, your skin may be affected. With that being said, the best option would be to stick with fresh ingredients which you can prepare at home. This way, you will get a good dose of vitamins and minerals that your body will need to help clear up your skin.

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Have more water

When it comes to pimple-clearing diet, water is essential. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day can help keep you hydrated so you will feel energized. It is also useful for flushing out the toxins and bacteria that are disrupting your skin’s condition. You will find that your skin will not only look fresh but it will be smooth and soft too since it is getting plenty of moisture from the water that you are drinking.

Skip dairy

You might be surprised that dairy contains high amounts of sugar which can lead to acne breakouts. Although dairy has protein and calcium, the sugar content can make your skin breakout. The good news is that there are other sources of protein and calcium which you can swap for dairy. Greek yogurt, on the other hand, is still a good choice because it doesn’t have a lot of sugar in it.

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Dark chocolate

Although sweets should be avoided, dark chocolate isn’t really bad for you especially those that have 70% cacao because it is rich in zinc as well as antioxidants that are actually good for your skin. Just make sure that you limit your intake to a single small square per meal so you won’t go overboard.

High fiber foods

In pimple clearing diet, loading up on fiber rich foods is highly recommended because they can absorb any toxins that are present in your body then removing them from your body. Another plus to eating foods that are high in fiber is that it will fill your belly up too so you won’t be bombarded with cravings. 

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When it comes to treating acne breakouts, you can start with changing your diet.  You will find that switching to healthier options such as vegetables, fiber rich foods, and the like will clear up your skin easily.

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