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Tips on How to Make Your Eyes Brighter without Using Makeup

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Are your eyes looking dull and puffy lately? Are you tired of battling with dark circles under your eyes or bags under your eyes all the time? You are not alone as thousands of women are experiencing the same thing because of lack of proper sleep, late nights, and even poor diet practices. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can make your eyes appear brighter and bigger even on those days when your eyes are looking small and sleepy. Here are some tips that you can take advantage of.

  • Use white eyeliner. If you want to make your eyes appear brighter and bigger, a useful beauty product to have on hand is a white eyeliner and some metallic powder. Apply the white eyeliner as you want then dab some of the metallic powder on the corner of your eyes. This will create the illusion that your eyes are bright and big as opposed to the small and sleepy peepers that you have.
  • Brighten those dark circles. Waking up in the morning with dark circles under your eyes already spells trouble as it will literally set your eyes back to the point that they look small and tired. A good remedy for this is to use an illuminating concealer to hide the shadows Just make sure that you apply the concealer all the way to your cheeks so that your whole face will brighten up.
  • Try some blues. Swap your brown or black eyeliner with some blue liner as its blue hues can make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.
  • Don’t forget to curl your lashes. Another trick to making your eyes appear bigger and brighter is to curl your lashes. When you curl your lashes you are getting an immediate eye lift which makes your eyes look wider. Invest on a professional eye lash curler so you can do this all the time.
  • Play around the color of your eyes. You should also keep in mind to use eyeshadows that complement your eye color. For example, if you have hazel or dark brown eyes, opt for eye shadows that are in the bronze hues with gold flecks to make your eyes pop. Blue eyes should go for terracotta hues and rust to really bring the best out of your eye color.
  • Check your eyebrows. When it comes to making your eyes bigger and brighter, the shape and contour of your eyebrows matter. It’s better that you let a professional shape your eyebrows for you so it will look good on you.
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Just because you had a late night out or your eyes appear smaller than usual, it doesn’t mean that you have to endure the jibes of your friends and co-workers because you can follow the tips mentioned above to make your eyes bright and big. For sure, no one will be the wiser that you lack sleep because you’ll look fresh and ready for the day.

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