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Why Gardening is Great for the Figure and Overall Health

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Are you currently looking for a new hobby to keep you feeling happy as well as stress-free? How about a gym which you can visit on a regular basis to get rid of excess pounds? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then it’s a wonderful idea for you to welcome gardening into your life!

According to experts, gardening is actually good for maintaining your figure and overall health, too. Don’t believe it? Then read on because here are the reasons why this activity is terrific for both body and mind:

It’s a Great Form of Exercise

All the digging, weeding, pruning and sweeping you have to carry out while spending time in your garden enables you to burn excess calories as well as tone your muscles. So in other words, gardening is just like hitting the gym! Especially if you tend to your garden for not less than 20 minutes at least 5 times a week, you can rest assured that you are getting your regular dose of exercise.

It Lets You Combat Stress

Everyone knows that chronic stress is something that can lead to a host of health problems, many of which can be very, very serious such as heart disease and cancer. Luckily, there are so many effective stress-busters out there, and gardening is one of them. Nothing can help keep your stress levels down so much better than devoting your attention to taking care of your beautiful plants.

It Also Lifts the Mood

Certainly, it can be very easy to ward off depression if you are taking care of living things that grow and eventually bear beautiful flowers and nutritious fruits. Here’s another reason why having a garden and looking after it, too, is good for the mood: it lets you get enough sun which is a source of vitamin D, a mood-lifting nutrient. Just make sure that you do not stay under the sun excessively!

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It Boosts Your Immunity

The incredible perks offered by vitamin D do not end there. Did you know that the said nutrient from the sun is also vital for strengthening the immune system? By making gardening a hobby, you can avoid being down with the common cold, flu or any other infection of the upper respiratory tract. It will help a lot if you also grow fruits and vegetables that are excellent sources of vitamin C!

It Promotes Healthy Eating

Speaking of fruits and vegetables, growing them in your garden is a wonderful way to introduce fresh and organic produce into your diet, thus allowing you to eat healthier. It’s also a great idea for you to consider growing some herbs and spices in your garden. This way, you can employ them when cooking, keeping you from adding unhealthy ingredients to dishes just to make them delicious.

It Helps Strengthen the Bones

Vitamin D is also something that works together with calcium in order to keep your bones strong. So in other words, having a garden and making it flourish with your own two hands can help lower your risk of battling osteoporosis in the future. And since gardening is considered as a good form of exercise, the act itself of tending to your plants can contribute to the strengthening your bones.

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