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Incredible Health Benefits of Rutabaga

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A rutabaga is a root vegetable that can be easily mistaken for a turnip. However, a rutabaga is generally larger than a turnip, and it has ribs near its stem. Also, a rutabaga tastes sweet most especially if it’s roasted, while a turnip possesses a characteristic peppery taste.

However, there’s one thing that is shared by a rutabaga and turnip, and that’s they are both cruciferous vegetables. This means that a rutabaga is just as good as turnip and any other member of the said family of vegetables in neutralizing toxins in the body, courtesy of the sulfuric compounds present.

A rutabaga is fairly easy to introduce into one’s diet. That’s because this root vegetable can be enjoyed in a number of ways. As mentioned earlier, it’s something that can be roasted. People who hate vegetables because of their kind of bitter taste will surely love the sweet taste of roasted rutabaga.

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It’s also possible to prepare a rutabaga just like a potato, which means that it can be mashed, fried and baked. In some parts of the world, a rutabaga is chopped up and used as fillers for stews, casseroles and mincemeat. It is also very much possible for the leaves of the rutabaga plant to be eaten as a vegetable.

Clearly, you are not going to have a hard time welcoming this cruciferous vegetable into your life as it can be prepared in so many ways. And why should you have it on a regular basis? Continue reading. The following are some of the most amazing health benefits thatva rutabaga offers:

Improved Digestive Health

A rutabaga is extremely high in fiber, and that’s why its inclusion in your diet can help keep improve the process of digestion. Fiber in a rutabaga encourages the production of digestive juices that break down foods, allowing your body to obtain much of the nutrients present in the foods you eat.

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Consuming a rutabaga also helps promote regular bowel movement as the loads of fiber the root vegetable contains serves as a broom that sweeps digestive by-products out of the body. Experts say that eating rutabaga and other fiber-rich foods may also lower colon cancer risk.

Lowered Cardiovascular Disease Risk

There are a couple of reasons why eating a rutabaga as regularly as possible can help in keeping your cardiovascular system in a superb shape. First, a rutabaga helps clean the arteries because of its fiber, as well as antioxidant content that prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, keeping it out of your arteries.

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Second, a rutabaga contains potassium. The said mineral is actually a vasodilator, which means that it is capable of making the blood vessels wider. As a result, the blood pressure is kept within the normal range, thus saving the heart and blood vessels from being damaged overtime.

Detoxified Body

Being a cruciferous vegetable, a rutabaga is a wonderful detoxifier of your body. This root vegetable and many other cruciferous ones like kale, cabbage and broccoli are capable of zapping poisonous substances that have accumulated in you by means of the sulfuric compounds they contain.

One of the results of a detoxified body is a stronger immune system as the body can focus on defending itself from invading microbes rather than trying to manage problems already found within. The fact that a rutabaga also contains lots of vitamin C only makes the root vegetable even more capable of strengthening your immune system.

Many Other Health Benefits

The list of the perks that you can get from consuming rutabaga can go on and on! It also has calcium that strengthens your bones and teeth. It’s perfect for diabetics and pre-diabetics alike as it is very good at regulating blood sugar. This root vegetable is also beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight.

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