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Common Body Issues Women Face

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Women are more prone to body image issues than men. One of the most prominent ones that women face is aging and weight. Girls are taught from a young age that their appearance matter. That people will find them more attractive if they look a certain way. They can find these negative influences everywhere they look from the internet, TV and even in their own home. This has caused a lot of body image issues, low self-esteems and eating disorders. As women we should be aware of all body issues that we face and could possibly face and learn how to deal with them positively. To learn more about these issues, read on below.

Skin and Makeup

The whole “take her to the pool on your first date” joke is a great example of how much pressure is placed on women. Women are expected to have perfect skin and achieving it using makeup is not good enough for society. Celebrities photo shop their social media images to create the illusion of perfection. Event these celebrities have said that the images or videos of themselves that are out there are heavily altered and upsetting to them. This can be incredibly damaging to woman’s self-esteem. The honest truth is that none of us wants to go out with a huge pimple on our face. If we have the amazing skill to hide it and even contour our faces why shouldn’t we? We all know that we are not perfect. Shaming others because of it is the shameful act.

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have become one of the most common body issues and mental health problem among girls of all ages. Eating disorder itself is a large topic to discuss. Anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, binging, purging and so on. There are many causes of eating disorders, but one of the most common causes of it is society. Trying to fit in or look at the tiny box that society places women in can ruin a child’s psyche early in life. There are now children as early as 6 to 8 years old that are being taught to diet. Children boy and girl can develop eating disorders as early as 6 years old and can last for years or can lead to death. Most women and children will require professional help and inpatient services to fully recover from this disorder. It will be difficult to cure it, especially when someone has had it long term. If you or someone you know is dealing with an eating disorder, go to your nearest health center. If you find early signs of eating disorder in your children talk to them about healthy eating and get professional advice. Teach your kids about positive body image and allow them to be open to you about their body issues.

Breast Size

Breast size was never as big of an issue before as it is now. Women as early as thirteen measure their breast size frequently and this is a common occurrence. Women are stressed out about their cup size early on in life and believe that there is a certain norm to breast size; and those are ones they usually see on TV and magazines. However, something we need to teach ourselves that there really is no normal size, it is not supposed to be the same size and your cup size doesn’t define you. It does not matter if your partner likes them bigger or smaller. As long as you are happy with it, theirs and society’s opinion doesn’t matter. This is something that we need to teach our children and destroy a negative body image early on in their life.

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Weight and Height

Weight is probably one of the biggest problem women face. We are either too fat or too thin. We have way too skinny arms or big thighs. We will always find something to hate about our weight, and it will take a lot to change that mindset. We have to understand that this is self-destructive behavior. Even when it comes to our height. Models emphasize that being tall makes you beautiful, but being too tall isn’t feminine. There really is no way to win, but to accept who we are. This is something we have to teach ourselves and future generation. Never say anything bad about your body and never say anything about other people’s appearance that they cannot change in a second.

Each and every one of these issues should be dealt with properly. Most of these can affect us in a very young age and some we may never face, but some women right this moment is dealing with. This is something that we should take seriously and. Take action on. Learn about the different action to take and how you can help other women around the world. Remember, at least five women you know is affected by at least one of these body issues. 

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