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Beauty Trends From Around the World

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Everywhere around the world, people are pushing the boundaries of beauty. By pushing these boundaries we were able to create some of the biggest trends and at times it sparked the idea of beauty in each country. Each continent, country, even city has their own specific definition of beauty, and each has their own trends. Not all of these trends catch mainstream success, such as others. Though, you will notice some of the biggest trends in the world came from different countries such as the glitter roots, henna art and the no makeup dewy look.

The beauty industry can be a difficult business. Almost every week a new trends come to fruition. Anything can be used as an inspiration for these trends from tradition, history, to what some reality TV star is currently endorsing. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye, currently bushy eyebrows are a thing and maybe next week neon colored ones will be trending. However, one thing is for sure. There is no specific idea of beauty. Each country or region has a specific beauty trend that they follow. So, let’s look at the different beauty trends from around the world. From the common beauty trends to the weird. Maybe you’d like to give some of these trends a try.

Dubai’s Full Eyebrows

Have you ever wondered where the whole trend of full and strong eyebrows comes from? A few years back the ideal eyebrow was thin and semi arched, then in a flash people were suddenly styling the on fleek eyebrows. This type of eyebrows has been prominent in areas such as Dubai for ages. This was the ideal shape of their eyebrows since it brought out the deep and the smokiness of their eyes. Though, they did prefer it more straight than arched to give it more of a natural appeal.

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Thailand Face Slap

The name itself is literal. You actually get face slapped for beauty. There are licensed practitioners that perform the art of face slapping. This treatment is said to make the skin firm and young. The face slapping method said to tone the muscles in the face creating better definition. This process isn’t just simply slapping someone like a dramatic scene. The practitioner angles each slap and uses the right amount of strength to tone the muscles. If you don’t mind getting your face slapped, you should give this a try.

Bird Poop Facials

This specific type of facial originated in Korea thousands of years ago and used the excrement’s of the nightingale. This was also popular in Japan a few years back, but is now making a huge wave in the UK. This facial is popular among royalty and celebrities. This treatment is said to target signs aging, discoloration and dry skin.

Doll like Appearance in Japan

Some countries prefer makeup to make you look more mature. In Japan, the doll like appearance is much more in trend. The wide eye, a bright blush, porcelain skin and hint of lip tint is what they consider ideal. The idea is not to look childlike but to look more like a classic ceramic doll. This look can make you look a lot younger and fresher than using heaving contouring. Though, this makeup really isn’t that applicable to all situations; especially in a professional setting. For a tiny hint of this makeup, they would place a subtle flush of pink just underneath the eyes to add some glow. The whole idea of creating lines isn’t that favored too, since having a rounder face is much more ideal.

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Snail Spa

Have you ever heard of the snail facial? Neither have we. Snail creams are becoming a huge trend in Asia. It is said the snail creams or snail based facial mask contain strong hydrating properties that can help revive the skin in just a short period of use. Though, if you’re really want the full blown experience; you can visit Thailand to let these little creatures crawl all over your face for direct hydration. If you’re not sensitive to slime balls all over your face, you should give this treatment a try.

When you travel all over the world you’ll notice how different the standard of beauty it is in each country. One country can be more into pale skinned and thin, while other country prefers voluptuous and tan. What do you think of the different beauty trends from each country? Which beauty trends that we didn’t mention fascinates you? Share it here!

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