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What is the Best Rice? Find out Here!

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Rice has been one of the world’s staple foods for thousands of years and has proved itself in resilience, variation, versatility and a wide range of flavour and the flavours it accepts.Nowit supplies 20%of our food source, 90%of the Asian-Pacific region eats rice.The USA makes 2.2 billion dollars a year on rice- but just on exports alone.

Thailand, India and Arborio, Italy produce many of the 40, 000 strains that are always being developed on nowadays.They all come in an array of textures, colour and fibre content.

These aromatic varieties can cost twice as much as plain white rice but the benefits and change of the norm is worth it.Different rice eat differently and exploring in the kitchen is always healthier than exploring out. Brow and red rice is definitely the healthier substitute but there are strains of white rice that are deceivingly healthy and actually very rich in fibre and a lot lower in carbohydrates while still keeping a wetter rice grain texture instead of grainy.

Wild Species are Healthier over Cultivated White Rice

White race may have folic acid calcium and thiamine which is Vitamin B1but wild species of rice have better nutritional profiles indeed, not be confused with an actual plant called wild rice which is actually a grainy grass.

Because wild rice species compared to the cultivated white has much less carbohydrates all that room is taken up by actual healthy calories from nutrients.These rice types have an impressive amount of fibre, up to3x more than white rice, that combined with a side of vegetables and tea will be your stomach’s best friend.Not to mention protein amount is higher too.

Rice contains some essential proteins, this means it has a nutrient source we need but has to be attained from an outside source. Lysine is the essential protein that greatly helps in collagen production and lowering cholesterol also strengthening bones, muscles and skin.What’s also wonderful is its ability act as a hammock for Calcium so that the Calcium does not leak out easily, thus preventing bone-related disorders.

Methionine is also a helping hand with cartilage maintenance and production and can even dissolve fat in your liver making wild rice a great hangover meal.Other many benefits include prevention of hair loss, anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

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Healthy rice includes minerals tooor the trace amounts of vital metals weneed to survive such as magnesium and zinc.No wonder rice can keep one full for so long and ideal forrunners since itis a simple carb unlike pastaor bread.

Brown Rice

Did you know that around 10%of our recommended protein intake and 15%of fibre is all crammed in one cup of brown rice?This flakier, wheatier rice has good mineral levels of selenium, magnesium, and phosphorus, along with niacin which is Vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid, Vitamin B6, and thiamin.

But what is mind boggling is the incredibly high manganese content inbrown rice that is often not talk about or researched on.You canget 88% in one cup, wow!Itis so difficult toget enough trace metals infood but this brown rice will cure any feelings of malnourishment, anxiety orbad hangovers orat least ease them. Manganese is a miracle worker since it also turns carbs into energy, supports the nervous system avoiding neurological disorders and even produces good cholesterol to heighten your sex drive. There is an important enzyme called superoxide dismutase which is right inside the mitochondria, manganese supports this enzyme so that the mitochondria can power the cell enough to fight of all or most free radicals.

Brown rice also supports so many vital body systems such as the nervous, digestive and circulatory system.Since brown rice is loaded with antioxidants and helps avoid episodes of stress, anxiety, hypertension and other little dirt bubbles that get stuck in our body, it simply detoxifies.It is lighter and so fibrous that your sleep disorders get fixed too combined with the detoxifying effects,it is one of those over all cures when you combine them with other natural and cheap over all cures such as green tea and other super foods.

Red Rice

The red strain gets its rich, irony color from anthonyacins, a powerful antioxidant we mentioned earlier.Brown and red rice are pretty similar, like fraternal twins.They are both proved to improve vital health aspect and lower risks of terrible diseases and soothe illness already present.Blood pressure, metabolic rates and migraines are all easily regulated with a healthy diet consisting of good rice.

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Rice may be Sugar but Healthy Rice is Anti-Sugar

That’s right healthy rices like brown rice can lower the effect or prevent Type 2 Diabetes.Health is wealth and being a cheapskate with your diet to the point your health suffers is not a good way to save money.Invest in your diet even though white rice is cheaper than brown, red, purple or black.Even if you find quality grains that are both white and nutritious it could possibly still be pricy, heavily consider spending more for your health though.Eating the unhealthy, common white rice 4-5 times a week greatly shoots up your chances for Diabetes while on the other hand eating twoto four servings of good ol’ brown has the opposite effect and many are unaware that switching your rice and switching from soda to water can save your life (or limb). Brown rice is indeed superior to white rice in quality of nutrients and phytonutrients.The fibre, vitamins , minerals and not-so-bad price is worth it.

How about Black Rice?

Also called purple rice or more sexily forbidden rice this packs a punch of health since it contains the same benefits of brown rice but with more antioxidants.Soak black and brown rice in water for a while before cooking depending on their husky shells as well, these rice skins make them take longer to cook but make sure to add the required amount of water so it does not dry out.

Black rice contains Anthonyacin which has nutritional characteristics similar to those found in blueberries and blackberries, meaning black rice can also battle cancer and heart-related issues and diseases.Black rice bran can help cure chronic inflammation some researchers claim, probably mixed with other good habits of course.Black rice can decrease dermatitis wherein brown rice cannot do the same.

It is more nutritional than red and brown rice combined.Loaded with precious fibre, it also comes packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, Vitamin E, protein, iron, and other nutrients. It greatly aids inkidney and liver cleansing, a must forus who are living a too convenient, junk-food filled life.Black rice anthocyanin content is what makesitthe best cancer-fighting rice amongst all the rice. Its low sugar and glycemic content makes it a pleasing, sellable dietary option for heart patients, diabetics as well as for those with high blood pressure or hypertension.It is quite beautiful, pearlescent black even with a lovely glutinous texture and bouncy, starchy, pleasantly refreshing taste. No wonder it was forbidden and served only for royals.

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Don’t let the Arsenic Scare, Scare You so much

The arsenic found in rice comes from pesticides leaking all over the grounds called runoff, which is one of the enemies of the environment for runoff contains all the pesticides designed by humans that leak off into rivers, forests and farm lands.

We use pesticides that harm us more than the pests, it is like taking out a shotgun in your living room for one rat. Rice absorbs arsenic pretty well because Organic is the way to go and it is not an excuse to not be healthy anymore. Organic sources are getting easier and easier to find especially if you aren’t around big, big supermarkets all the time it is easier to select a safer brand.

Don’t Eliminate Rice if You Really Love it

You maybe one of the many people who grew up thinking brown and red rice was such an alien thing.Do not quit rice though, quit rice on your own terms especially if you like other carbs more.But I know people who have a relationship with rice that goes down deeper than they want to admit, itisbettertooptfor healthier rice or even cut white rice with healthy rice.Remember to go organic as much as possible and if you are unsure about your rice source limit your serving to twice a week and maybeget a check upin a fewweeksormonths about arsenic poisoning if you are paranoid.

It is also a simple carb and more easily digested than pasta or bread especially the lower gluten rice.This makes it fantastic work out food providing condensed energy and nutrition.There are any rice varieties out there nowin a dazzling array of colour and shape and we recommend you venture out with food instead of sticking to the common, mass produced and less healthier product!

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