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Home Remedies for Surgical Scars

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Undergoing the knife is sometimes necessary for good health and long life — or in the name of beauty, in some instances. It is almost always inevitable for scarring to develop after the procedure. The good news is keeping the formation of surgical scar to a minimum is very much possible.

These days, lots of scar-removing lotions, creams and ointments are on the market. Some of them are available at your favorite beauty stores, while others are sold at pharmacies.

Home remedies for surgical scars are available as well. Their sheer affordability and less likelihood to cause all sorts of unwanted side effects are what make them get two thumbs up from so many consumers. However, the downside to the use of these all-natural solutions is it may take a very long time for results to show.

Before we discuss some home remedies that are effective for surgical scars, it’s important to know that you should ask your doctor when is the right time to start springing into action to have the development of a scar kept to a minimum. The incision should be completely healed before any scar-reducing step is taken.

So without further ado, here are some home remedies for surgical scar that you may try:


Do you have calendula in your garden? Lucky you! This means that you have easy access to an effective all-natural fix for surgical scars. Tea out of this plant may be taken, and poultice out of its various parts may be used on the scar. Worry not if you have no calendula in your garden as many herbal shops carry it in supplement form.

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Chop up a medium-sized onion and then use a cotton ball to apply the juice on your surgical scar. According to experts the juice of an onion is very good most especially for people who tend to develop dark-colored scars. Similarly, this home remedy is also ideal for those who tend to form keloids.

Aloe Vera

The gel inside the aloe vera leaf is loaded with vitamin E, which is a nutrient with so many amazing skin benefits including scar reduction. On a regular basis, aloe vera gel should be applied on the surgical scar. Don’t have access to aloe vera plant? That’s okay — you can simply use aloe vera juice, provide that it’s 100% pure.

Vitamin E

Are you taking vitamin E supplement daily for optimum heart health and young-looking skin? Then make sure that you have your daily dose of it to keep scarring after a surgery to a minimum. Also, you may regularly moisturize the scar with the oil inside a vitamin E capsule to encourage optimal skin healing.


You can always count on honey in saving yourself from ending up with a nasty surgical scar. The moment that your doctor says that the incision is healed, you may start applying honey on it regularly. Just make sure that the honey you have at home is pure honey, preferably one that’s raw and organic.

Lemon Juice

We all know that lemon juice is flooded with vitamin C, an antioxidant and a staple ingredient in so many scar-removing products. Who needs to buy those pricey commodities when lemon is so much more affordable and all-natural? Regularly, apply lemon juice on the incision site to keep scarring to a minimum.

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Last but not least, you may also count on apple cider vinegar to keep your skin scar-free after undergoing surgery. All you have to do is use a cotton swab in applying apple cider vinegar (raw and unfiltered, please!) on the problem area. Many people say that it’s more effective when combined with honey.

Feel free to share in the comments section below any other all-natural remedy for surgical scar that you know!

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