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Regain your Inner Peace and Calm with these 6 Herbal Remedies

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Anxiety is a feeling that we all have experienced at some
point in time. It is a rather unpleasant condition that comes in various forms, and nobody gets a free pass from it, considering well all go through different types of events and emotions throughout our lifetime. Anxiety manifests itself as a collection of symptoms, including withdrawal from social settings, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and unexplained fear towards things also
known as phobia. Anxiety is most obvious during adolescent years, but may also happen at any stage in a person’s life. If you are a teenager, or a parent/guardian of a teenager that is struggling with the pains of anxiety, you will discover that this feeling may lead to depression. This condition is highly treatable. You can stop the negative effects of anxiety and depression through early diagnosis and proper treatment. Unfortunately,
80% of diagnosable anxiety disorder opts not to undergo treatment.
In order to treat anxiety properly, it is best to go through traditional and time-tested management such as therapy and natural healing medications. These two measures have been proven time and again to treat anxiety disorders by giving inner peace and calm to its users.
Apart from natural healing remedies, there is an abundance of programs that explain to teenagers what anxiety and depression are, and the coping mechanism that they utilize to overcome such conditions.
According to the founder and clinical director of Paradigm Malibu Dr. Jeff Nalin, Psy.D., there is a wide array of remedies that effectively manages anxiety, including Adaptangenic herbs ( Mucuna Pruriens, Schosandra, Rhodiola Rosea, Holy Basicl, Eleuthero, Ashwagandha, Maca, and Ginseng), Sam E, Cava Cava, as well as Evening Prirmrose Oil and fish oils all show some degree of potency and effectiveness.
Although these natural herbal remedies boast success in clinical trials, Dr. Nalin highly recommends that people suffering from anxiety and depression seek professional medical assistance when utilizing these herbal remedies. This is due to the fact that such herbal cures do not replace prescription medicine that are proven to treat anxiety more effectively. Never attempt to self-medicate or self-diagnose these herbal remedies, especially those who are taking prescription drugs.
The author and founder of the self-help blog, Loner wold, Aletheia Luna, suffered from anxiety issues for many years. Her doctors prescribed her a plethora of medications that include Desvenlafaxine, Locolate, and Prozac to mane a few. She recalls jumping from one medication to another, until she realized that such drugs only delivered temporary cures that only masked the symptoms for short periods of time. She then explored alternative medications that helped her create a more strategic and
effective treatment regime for anxiety.


It is crucial that you seek the approval of your doctor prior to including these medications in your treatment routine. Althought
most of the herbs that we will be mentioning in this article are harmless in nature there are also some that carry serious risks. It is important to remember that herbal remedies are not the main treatment for anxiety, as they merely function to support the other medications prescribed by doctors.
Dr. Naline stressed the importance of seeking help from a
medical specialist. Most doctors will mist likely recommend the residential treatment strategy- an approach that has been proven to be a crucial element in treating anxiety disorders among teenagers. This technique allows for the treatment to happen in a supportive environment, where a patient is among a group of supportive friends and family resulting in the development of a sense of self-efficacy and higher self-esteem. The outcomes by taking this road are immediate and successful. The holistic
approach to anxiety treatment and management should be tailor fit to the needs of clients.
Other types of holistic activities that are proven to be
beneficial among people undergoing anxiety treatment are as follows:
– Music
– Equine Therapy
– Art
– Drama
– Aikido
– Challenge Courses
– Neurofeedback
– Salsa
– Surfing
– Paddle Boarding
– Yoga
– Meditation
– Hiking
– The Alexander Technique

These treatment modalities help patients to achieve full recovery as evidenced by ultimate release of stress and trauma as well as redeveloping positive qualities such as resilience, joy, and motivation.

Here is a short lift of all-natural remedies that will most assuredly help you achieve inner peace and calm:
1. Flaxseed Tea
The flax plant normally grows in cold regions. The seed is
called Linum usitatissimum, is being used in Austria as traditional form of medicine when taken internally. Based on studies, flaxseeds are generally safe for humans. It is rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids that boost brain health and function. Ideally, use a teaspoon of flaxseed team concoction per cip of water. The seeds must be grounded for tea preparations. For meals, you can use this as accompaniment by preparing two tablespoons of
grounded flaxseed to one cup of water.
2. Golden Milk
Golden milk is a natural remedy was often used by our ancestors in implementing Ayurvedic medicine. It contains turmeric, an herb that contains antidepressant ingredients. It is relatively easy to
make golden milk. First step, you need to combine ingredients to form a thick paste. Simply mix half a cup of boiling water to one-fourth c up of fresh turmeric. You need to stir the ingredients until they transform into a smooth, thick paste. To finish off, add a dash of ground black pepper. Once the paste is done, you simply need to add the turmeric paste onto a cup of warm milk, sweet almond oil, and raw honey to naturally sweeten the milk.
3. Siberian Ginseng
Siberian Ginseng normally grows in Asia only, but there are a powerful ginseng strains in Siberia that is known to be powerful
in treating anxiety trauma. This natural remedy is usually packaged in three forms, namely:
– Powder
– Extract
– Capsule
To enjoy its positive wellness benefits, doctors recommend th
e intake of 2,000 mg daily. Siberian ginseng may have negative side effects when taken in large doses.
4. Rhodiola
Rhodiola is an herbal plant that only grows exclusively in
colder climates such as Great Britain, Iceland, and Scandinavian
countries. This perennial plant features roots that can be used as
medicine not only in the countries mentioned above, but in other parts of the world too. Its main function as a natural herbal remedy is to control hormone production and to protect the cell from damages. Rhodaxis an extract from the rhodiola plant, and has been proven to reduce the anxiety levels among those diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. Ideally, this remedy should be taken in pill form at 1000 to 2000 mg daily.
5. Chamomile
The leaf and flower portions of the chamomile plant are edible. German chamomile has been used as natural herbal remedy in the treatment and management of several ailments. Roman chamomile is being used in modern times to aid sleeping disorders such as insomnia. Unlike other herbal plants that grow all-year long, the chamomile only blossoms in the springtime, and can only grow in cooler climates. Apart from its function as a potent and all-natural sleeping aid, chamomile can be given to those suffering from anxiety too. To make your very own chamomile tea at home, combine two cups of water with a tablespoon of dried chamomile. You may also steep it for a few minutes to ensure that you get all of its beneficial oils.
6. Ginger Tea
Ginger is native to many parts of Asia, the Caribbean, and West Africa. This herbal solution is being used to treat nausea and
discomfort one may experience from taking antidepressants. According to dietitian, Alice Mackintosh, ginger contains a powerful ingredient called gingerol that functions to get rid of the harmful chemicals that the body produces during periods of nervousness and anxiety. Ginger then deals with the psychological stress associated with anxiety. Some of the finest ginger teas can be sourced from the Dominican Republic. To make your very own ginger tea, you first need to slice an inch of ginger, and then combine this with one quart of water, ¼ tsp of all spice, and ¼ cup brown sugar. You need to mix them all up and bring them to a boil. To extract all the ginger goodness, make sure that it simmers for 30 minutes before you add the
last piece of ingredient- sugar!
You are not alone. Dealing with anxiety doesn’t have to be that difficult, especially if you have natural herbal remedies that will alleviate all of its signs and symptoms. More importantly, when you have a warm and understanding support system helping you recover, you will surely feel great in the long run.
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