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Exercise Ideas for Those Who Hate To Exercise

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As much as we all want to be the fitness buff that thinks that a 10 mile run is relaxing, some people aren’t as positive about exercise. They would rather relax at the end of the day with a glass of wine in their sofa than pump some iron. People that love to exercise have found the way to make exercising fun and exciting for them making it more of a privilege than a necessity.

Having the right motivation to work out and the energy to exercise is greatly decreased by what we do during the day. We may have a profession that is very taxing on the mind and body, making us unable to exercise as much as we need to. There are also some people that just dread the thought of exercise. They connote the idea of exercise as punishment and this mindset has been imbedded in our brain in one point or another. For example, you have disobeyed your gym teacher and as punishment he or she will ask you to run around the field twice or when you were younger your parents will make your walk as punishment for making a mess, they’ll tell you to walk instead of carrying you or making your ride a stroller. This mindset is hard to get rid of especially when it has become a permanent habit.

Though, there are ways to love exercising; even if you detest the idea of even lifting a dumbbell. Keep fit and try out these exercise ideas for people who hate exercise.

Try something you’re Afraid Of

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There is that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but been afraid to do it. You’ve always wanted to be a boxer or learn how to tango, but the thought that people would be there to watch you do these things are horrifying to you. Well, let us conquer this fear together. As they say fear is one of the best motivators. This especially works for people that are afraid of water and want to swim or people that are afraid of looking unmanly but want to try yoga or ballet. The fear can help motivate you to do better and perform more frequently. What other people think about you doesn’t matter. Finding a hobby that makes you happy or do something that you always wanted to try is a great way to keep yourself fit. Not only are you’re doing something you want, you are also “exercising”.

Thinking That You’d Lose Weight Immediately

One of the few reasons that people lose their motivation to exercise, is their belief of cancellation. The thought that running 30 minutes on the treadmill can cancel out that huge burger you ate for lunch. Nope, it does not work that way. Unless you’re an Olympic athlete that works out 8 hours a day, then maybe you are canceling out the calories you intake. Think about the time you a lot to exercise more. You can keep on complaining that you don’t have time to exercise. But to lose weight you need to burn a lot of calories. Think of exercising as something to help your body become fitter. The fitter your body becomes the better your burn calories.

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Outdoor Fun

Playing with your pets or going out the park with your family is a great way to exercise without actually exercising. A lot time for some fun in the sun. This is great for people that aren’t too keen on running on a treadmill with other sweaty gym goers. It’s never a good idea to force yourself into doing something that you hate, because you’ll end up hating it more. Finding a better substitute is the way to go. Hate lifting weights? Leave the dumbbells at home and carry your baby around the house while you clean. Hate running? Play some Frisbee with your dogs. These are simple ways to keep yourself exercising. Don’t let the hatred for working out get in the way.


Walking can do wonders for your health. Even if you’re not a walker, a person that tends to walk mindlessly for about ten minutes experience a clearer mind and less stress. When you feel like you’re losing concentration at work, walk. When you feel angry or burned out, walk. Give it a try, instead of sighing all day relieve some of your stress with walking.

Live Action Role Play

Make a tiny club with your fellow “I hate exercise” clique. Pick a favorite series, book or game that you’d love to come to life. The sword fighting, magic spell casting and more, can help you keep fit while enjoying it with your friends.

Staying fit through exercise is important. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go jog 30 minutes a day or perform pushups or jumping jacks. Exercising is about keeping your body active. Walking your dog, swimming, dancing like a maniac at home or just simply jumping up and down while listening to music are simple ways to keep you fit. The more you embed this tiny habit in your lifestyle the idea of exercise becomes more amusing and exciting.

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