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Things You Can Do At Night To Help You Lose Weight Tomorrow

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At night when we are asleep are body is at rest and we lose water weight that we acquired during the day. Respiration and transpiration happen during our sleep that eliminates water. We also digest food while we sleep. The digestive system works faster when our body is at rest due to its dominance. Besides losing water we also lose calories. Simply lying in bed and breathing can still burn up calories. We want to maximize the amount of calories loss when we sleep to help us lose weight. Speeding up the metabolism before hitting the sack can increase calories burned.

Here are things you can do at night to help you lose weight tomorrow:

1. Drink Green Tea:

We want to boost our metabolism when we sleep, green tea has been known as a great metabolism booster. Drinking a cup before bedtime can help increase the metabolic rate, but one cup isn’t enough though. To get the full effects of green tea you have to drink it throughout the day and night. This will guarantee faster metabolism during sleep.

Another drink you can try is coffee, if your someone that can still get a good nights sleep after drinking coffee you can use it as an alternative for green tea at night.

2. Minty Scent:

There are certain aromas that can make you crave food and increase the appetite and there are some scents that suppress hunger and curb cravings. Mint is one of them, sniffing peppermint every few hour can help you lose weight and prevent over eating.

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Before going to sleep put some peppermint oil in your diffuser or spread some on your pillowcase to prevent getting midnight munchies.

3. Protein Shake:

Drinking a protein shake before bed time might seem like a weird time to do so, but a scientific study was done regarding absorption of protein during sleep that proved that this is the perfect time to get your protein shake on.

Digestion and absorption of protein is more effective when our body is at rest. Protein increase muscle mass and more muscle mass means mre calories burned.

4. Clean Up The Kitchen:

Keep everything tidy in the kitchen food lying around can cause you to have a midnight binging session. Keeping a clean and tidy kitchen pantry can help your lose weight and help you control your diet. Lock out the pantry and avoid having foods that are just lying around at night. This will prevent you from grabbing the easiest food to eat at night.

5. Eat Cottage Cheese:

Eating food before going to bed may defeat the purpose of losing weight but eating certain foods can actually help you lose weight. Cottage cheese is rich in casein protein that helps metabolic rate and can actually help curve hunger at night and prevent you from over eating during breakfast.

6. Turn the Electronics Off:

Turn off the tv and cellphone, leave your laptop and tablets outside. Sleeping time is for sleep alone. People that have gadgets near their bedside table are more prone to gaining weight and adapting a unhealthy lifestyle. This is especially prominent in kids. Leave your gadgets outside the bedroom and place your phone away from you. This can also help you wake up earlier, since you actually have to stand up to turn off the alarm.

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7. Hot and Spicy:

Another way to boost metabolism is eating spicy food. Increase metabolism at night by eating pepper or adding some cayenne pepper to your drinking water. Another mixture you can drink at night to boost metabolism is lemon water and cayenne pepper.

8. Resistance Training:

Doing exercise at night can help keep the metabolism up even in our resting phase. Avoid doing cardio though, this can make falling asleep harder. Do a little bit of resistance training to help increase muscle and increase calorie burn. Doing resistance training at night can also help heal muscles during sleep and increase muscle weight.

Our body is designed to burn and eliminate toxins and calories even in our dormant state. Give it a little extra push to burn more at night to help you lose weight in the long run. Getting enough sleep is important too, people that lack sleep are more prone to weight gain and illnesses than people that get their needed 8 hours of sleep.

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