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11 Unnecessary Beauty Products You Should Avoid

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Women love to buy and splurge money on beauty products. But do we really need all those beauty products?

Do we need that wrinkle-reducing cream or that shampoo to enhance our hair color? Read on to find out which beauty products we should save on and get our money’s worth!

Avoid these useless beauty items to save money:

1. Lip exfoliators
Some use this to exfoliate their lips from dry and flaky skin. But now you can just use your toothbrush or clean mascara wand, just lightly brush and you’re good to go.

2. Shaving cream
Most men use shaving cream and women also used it for shaving hairy areas in their body. But now, there are lots of available body wash or hair conditioner which can be use as a shaving cream too. So just grab a body wash and you’ll be smooth in minute.

3. Moisturizers for specific body parts
There are different lotions and moisturizers which you can use all over the body, from face to feet. Unlike before, where there are certain moisturizers for specific skin parts. So you do not need to buy a foot cream, a hand cream or a body lotion, just look for an all body lotion.

4. Cuticle Oil
Cuticle care takes some time to do, so we tend to use tiny drops of cuticle oil, but it seems only to damage or split the cuticles. According to experts, creams and ointments are much preferable, since it stays longer on the cuticle and moisturize it more. You can try the cuticle care products available in the market.

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5. Skin Toner
Skin toner is a lotion or wash to cleanse the skin and shrink the pore’s appearance. But now it’s not that frequently use, since there are many new cleanser formula that is designed or formulated to clean the face without leaving any film.

6. Anything with the word “cellulite” on it
Some people rely on anti-cellulite creams, although they reduce the cellulite but not for the long term. Some use caffeine creams that boost blood flow and hydrates the skin. Still the most effective way to reducing or removing cellulite is a mix of exercise and a healthy diet, it’s cheap and much healthier, added to that ‘it’s fun’.

7. Foot masks
Although it is tempting to go to salon for a foot spa and apply foot cream to remove the stress of your feet, now you can just stay home and soak your feet in a lukewarm/lightly warm water for a few minutes, then moisturize afterwards. It’s cheaper and much relaxing at the comfort of your own home.

8. Makeup primer
Use mainly after the moisturizer and applied before the foundation, to balance the makeup in the face. But now you can just use the right moisturizer and you don’t need a primer to have an even skin tone.

9. Facial mists
It’s more practical and cheaper by just having a handy spray bottle then add water. You’re ready to spray it anytime, anywhere.

10. Split end terminators
A lot of serum are available claiming to repair split ends, but it’s only temporary. The most effective way is just to trim your hair before it gets more damage.

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11. Vitamin E Capsules
Many skin vitamin pills are now available in the market. But according to experts, the preservative in these pills might cause irritation to the skin, plus the antioxidants that are preserved in the pills are much lighter than the natural antioxidants we can get from natural rich vitamin E foods, since when it is preserve it breaks down. So the practical thing to do is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin E.

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