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Power 7! 7 Common Makeup Mistakes and 7 Makeup Tips to Get You Glowing!

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We all made mistakes when doing our makeup and in using products that are not suitable for us. But as with everything in life, makeup is also a learning process. Let’s get started by identifying the common mistakes we are making that makes us look dull instead of fab!

1. Skipping the eye-makeup primer

Makeup primer usually prevents dark color from smudging and drooping under the eyes to avoid a raccoon-like eyes. So using a dark eyeliner underneath your eyes is a bit dangerous. But to make it more safe, use a waterproof eyeliner at the bottom lash line.

2. Using the wrong eyeliner color

Finding the right eyeliner is hard, cause there are trouble colors that are usually used like the bronze or gold eyeliner. If you have cool toned skin, bronze will make you look tired and sick. While the silvery eyeliner, if you have a warm-toned skin will also make you look bad. So choose the best eyeliner that suits your skin tone.

3. Using the wrong under-eye concealer

Using too dark or too light concealer can make your face look tired. To fix it, make sure you’re in a well lighted room then apply and make it more natural looking. While testing a new concealer using a hand mirror, check how the color varies in different lighting.

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4. Using too much powder

Using too much powder makes you look like a powdered cake, your face looks dry, older, tired and looks like someone who fell asleep in a bag of flour. Applying powder should make your face look more clean and smooth, free from oil. You can try translucent powder to eliminate the oily or shiny look, then blend it well.

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5. Choose monotone colors

To look more awake, we can create a definition between our facial features. You can do this by slightly defining your features like brows, cheeks, eyes and lips instead of a plain and one-dimensional color in your whole face.

6. Wearing gray makeup

Some used gray undertones for makeup, but it only makes you look tired and add a lot of years in your age. Just stick to warm-colored makeup palette to look more young and fresh.

7. Skipping moisturizer

Makeup should always be put the last, since it should be the last application to your finish look. Moisturizer is applied to the skin after we wash our face because it helps the skin to stay hydrated. So if you put moisturizer after the makeup, its useless for hydrating and it will only cake up the powder you’ve already applied.

Moisturizer helps the skin to look more fresh and smooth. So when you apply makeup, it will only blend on the skin tone making you look more youthful and added to that is a healthy glow.

Now we know what could have been the mistakes, it’s time to learn how we can bring back the glow and this is just by going for that natural looking makeup! Check out these seven beauty tweaks to play up—not cover up—your already awesome features:

1. Chest test for bronzer

When choosing a makeup, try to think about your skin undertones and how you tan, using your chest. Avoid over bronzing. You can use the chest as a starting point for it typically has a more even tone than the face. Then find your shade and also remember to apply a little in your upper lip and neck, which is mostly forgotten when applying makeup.

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2. Choose the right base

Pick a makeup coverage for your face with light foundation and concealer, let your healthy skin be the talker. Choose oil-free products for oily skin then choose tinted creams or moisturizing foundation if you have dry skin. Or you can just apply a steer clear matte finish to look more natural.

3. Search for the perfect blush

Pick the right blush whether red, pink or peach. Choose a natural blush or use a color same as your lips. Then if you’re still not sure, just try different options to find the right hue that is suitable for you.

4. Get a subtle glow

Want a glowing look? It’s a bit tricky, because if you choose light it’s a risk and you might end up with a whitish or silvery effect. So choose one in your skin tone so it will just look like you’re glowing. Then apply it right at the upper or highest point of your cheek to give a little shimmer when light hits you.

5. Brighten up your eyes

Smoky eyes are in, but you don’t need have it, instead just choose your favorite eye shadow. Then line your eyes with a darker shade than your eyes. Like brown eyes is best with black or dark brown, while green or blue eyes, you can be much more creative in choosing. Then eye shadow should be thinner at the inner corner while thicker at the end for a good lift of the eye-look. Apply some mascara, going all through the lash line to define and lift the lashes.

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6. Fill in your brows

Choose a slightly darker shade than your hair, then fill the brows with shadow and also use brow brush rather than a pencil. This will show a softer and more natural look, and its always a good thing to ask for professional advise to choose a perfect shade for you.

7. Have your own signature lip color

Find a suitable lip color for your lips then make it your signature, you can apply it without even looking at the mirror. Choose a color based on your natural lip color, a shade that is much brighter or a darker shade than your natural lip color. Also choose a creamy formula to look more natural.

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