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The Best Facial Cleansers According To Your Skin Type

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Don’t know which facial cleansers are compatible to your skin? Worry no more! Top dermatologists have gone to steer you into the newest products that are formulated to work best with your specific skin type.

You already know that going to bed without washing your face is a total no-no, right? But if you happen to wash your face nightly before hitting the sack but then doing it with the wrong cleanser—then you’re also gonna be in for trouble. Whether your skin is overly oily or parched dry, picking up just about any available facial at the drugstore won’t be of any help. Plus, the endless number of facial cleansers out there doesn’t make choosing the right one any easier. That’s why for this article, the best new formulas tailored to cater to your specific skin problems were rounded up for your own convenience. Who knows? Maybe one of these facial cleansers can be the key to you waking up with a fresher, clearer and more beautiful skin for days to come.

Cleanser Tip 1: When your skin lacks glow.

Best Option: A cleansing powder.

How it works: Cleansing powders are made up of pulverized grains and minerals; when mixed with water, it transforms into a paste or foam. Since the particles found in cleansing powders are finer and smaller than the micro beads found in regular scrubs, they can fight off dullness and can exfoliate effectively without irritating the skin too much. If you want to have a more intense scrub, just reduce the amount of water that you’ll be using.

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Cleanser Tip 2: if your skin gets too red for comfort.

Best option: Cleansing water.

How it works: Cleansing water has long been in use in most parts of Asia, and is now making its way stateside. Most of these solutions have anti-inflammatory ingredients like selenium and rosacea incorporated in them—ingredients that can help lower down the level of redness and site inflammation. With the use of the mi cellar technology, these cleansing agents tend to be more effective now than ever. Micelles are groups of molecules; they surround the cleansing agents and deliver them evenly to all parts of the skin. With this system, it prevents the occurrence of large amounts of products landing on a single spot which may cause redness and irritation. Apply this as you would a toner—no need to rinse off.

Cleanser Tip 3: If you have dry skin.

Best option: Cleansing balm.

How it works: Balms contain the highest concentration of emollients which makes it work more like a moisturizer rather than a facial wash. To use, just rub it into dry skin and wipe off gently with a damp cotton pad or cloth to ensure that moisture gets locked in.

Cleanser Tip 4: If your skin is sensitive.

Best option: Cleansing milk

How it works: When it comes to your skin, try thinking of it as being composed of layers and layers of bricks and mortar. In the case of people with sensitive skin, these layers are faulty as the mortar is broken—it allows all the impurities to get in and the moisture to leave the skin. Cleansing milks are composed of more nourishing ingredients and lesser amounts of water. Essential fatty acids and ceramides are incorporated in milk cleansers so as to help patch those cracks. Greatest results: less skin irritation, dryness and stinging.

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Cleanser Tip 5: if you have combination skin

Best option: Cleansing gel

How it works: The good thing about the newly-released formula of these gels is that they are now water-based as opposed to the earlier versions which used to be very drying due to their high alcohol content. Meaning, it can remove excess oils while also delivering a light form of hydration to the skin that won’t result to pores getting clogged.

Cleanser Tip 6: If your skin is the oily type

Best Option: Cleansing mud

How it works: A container of cleansing mud is composed of clay and charcoal—things that can help unload pores of dirt and soak up excess oils, thereby leaving you with smoother and clearer skin.

Cleanser Tip 7: If you’re a fan of wearing too much make-up.

Best option: Cleansing oil

How it works: Oil versus oil. The oil component of the cleanser will dissolve the lipids in foundations, make-ups and powders that you’ve used (plus any other excess oils sitting in your skin). With its already lubricated texture, scrubbing is no longer required, which renders it really effective in gently removing make-up.

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