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Anti-Aging with the Help of Amino Acids

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Many research studies in the past few decades all point to the positive impact of amino acid on skin care. Studies reveal that amino acids are excellent ingredients for many anti-aging treatments. Ongoing studies all work towards confirming the potency of amino acids in reversing the signs of aging. There are also some research that are geared towards exploring other uses of amino acids in promoting not only anti-aging, but also healthy clear skin.

We can conclude that amino acids certainly have positive, beneficial effects on the prematurely aging skin. It is important to remember that skincare products containing amino acids should be used with caution when in combination with other skin care products to avoid unwanted side effects.

What is the truth behind amino acid skin care?

Men and women seem to jump on any bandwagon that promises to unravel the fountain of youth. New skin care products and services claiming to deliver youthful skin are immediately taken advantaged of the general public without second thoughts. This is certainly great news for beauty and wellness companies, but can be detrimental to consumer health and wellness too. A huge percentage of these skincare products that contain amino acids are generally safe, but unfortunately, they do not deliver the anti-aging effects they claim to deliver in the first place.

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According to research studies, amino acids truly provide real-life benefits to the skin. In essence, amino acids are actually peptides- proteins that have positive effect on skin cells. Peptides that are absorbed by the skin improve damages cells. Those who are suffering from stretch marks and scarring can highly benefit from the application of anti-aging skincare that contains amino acids.

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When used properly, skincare products that feature amino acids as some of its key ingredients are said to be more potent than alpha hydroxy skin care products. Amino acid skin care products have shown positive effects such as filling fine lines, smoothening the skin, and improving the skin’s color and tone among many others. Since amino acids come from natural sources, users encounter minimal to no side effects that are commonplace among those who stronger and harsher skin care products.

Amino acids also boast moisturizing effects. When applied both externally and internally, amino acid skincare products help the skin in keeping hydrating for longer periods of time. In addition, a well-hydrated skin as a result of amino acid skincare application helps in holding cosmetics longer and more effectively.

What are the Big Four Amino Acids for Skin Care?

When we talk about skin care, there are four amino acids that seem to stand out among the rest: Proline, Glycine, Leucine, and Lysine. These amino acids, when combined, facilitate fast and effective collagen production. Formulations that contain all of these four amino acids work excellently as exfoliant, thus the skin is able to slough off dead skin cells while having the ability of retaining moisture. Amino acid skin care also contains antioxidants which protects the skin from harsh weather conditions too.

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