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Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast

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You’ve heard it a million times, Never skip breakfast or Breakfast is the most important meal of the day., but do you really take this adage to heart? Do you tend to skip meals in the morning or do you prefer to get a quick cereal bar rather than a full meal? People tend to take breakfast for granted, thinking that they are going to eat for lunch anyway, but did you know about the negative effect skipping breakfast can do in the long run?

There are numerous reasons why people tend to skip their first meal of the day. Some believe that adding to the calorie counts early in the morning can cause weight gain, some don’t have the means or time to create a full meal and some are just too lazy to eat in the morning. Whatever your reason, we hope that maybe this list will help you realize how important it is to get your breakfast on.

Let’s discuss the negative effect of skipping breakfast below.

Affect Your Heart Health

Men who are skipping breakfast regularly are twenty seven percent more likely to experience a heart attack than men who eat a well-balanced breakfast every day. This isn’t something to cause you a lot of worry. Skipping your breakfast won’t mean that you’ll just drop and get a heart attack. Though, the best way to avoid it is prevention. Eating your breakfast everyday will help curb the risk of heart problems. People that skip breakfast are also susceptible to hypertension and clogged arteries. When combined with an unhealthy diet and lack or exercise can lead to serious chronic cardiovascular problems.

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Higher Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

Women that skipped breakfast had a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than women who eat their first meal of the day. Women are fifty four percent more prone to developing it in the long run. Eating your breakfast can help improve your metabolism and help with turning sugar into energy. If you skip your breakfast, your metabolism will slow down and lower the conversion of sugar to energy. You can improve this just simply eating breakfast. If you’re not much of a full breakfast person, you can always eat yogurt or a smoothie.

Cause Weight Gain

You know how important it is to for people that are going through a weight loss regimen to eat their breakfast. There are numerous ways why you should never skip your breakfast, but one of the most prominent ones is weight gain. According to recent studies skipping your breakfast will increase the chances of weight gain even with regular exercise and a well-balanced meal. Skipping breakfast results to slowed metabolism, increased cravings of fatty and sugary food and lack of energy. This will cause intense hunger pangs that will likely end with over eating and binging. You will increase the amount of your calorie intake unlike if you were to eat your breakfast.

Negative Impact on Mood and Energy Levels

According to a study done in 1999, skipping your breakfast will affect your mood and energy levels. Subjects were asked to fast overnight and was divided into three groups. One group was asked to eat their breakfast, one was asked to drink coffee only and the other was asked to skip it. The group was monitored for 24 hours and the group that skipped breakfast had a significantly lower memory skill and exhaustion. The group that consumed breakfast and took coffee had no difference in memory skill and energy levels.

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Risk of Cancer

Skipping the first meal of the day will cause you to indulge in high calorie, sugary and fatty food that can lead to obesity. Obesity and weight gain will increase the risk of developing cancer.


Skipping your meals can lead to low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. This can trigger symptoms such as migraines, lack of energy, fainting, high blood pressure and headache. You are more prone to low blood sugar when you skip your breakfast. It’s important to always break a 12 hour fast.

We hope that these negative effects are enough to convince you of the importance of eating breakfast. Do you regularly skip breakfast? Have you experienced some of these negative effects before? Share this article with your friends and family to inform them about the negative effects of skipping breakfast. Share with us the positive effects of eating your breakfast every day! 

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