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Top Five Superfood Powders of 2015

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Health awareness is one of the hottest trends in recent years. Unlike diet fads that come and go, people now realize the importance of eating healthy than starving oneself to achieve weight goals. One of the most powerful tools to reach optimum health and fitness is by intake of superfood powders.

In essence, superfood powders are formulations that contain high levels of nutrients sourced from food items that are established as superfoods. They promote not only weight loss but also supplement the body with nutrients that are integral in optimal functioning and are great aids to weight loss. As the name implies, superfoods feature everything that your body will need on a daily basis and more. They also boast nutrients that satisfy the dietary recommendations of the US Dietary Guideline. Majority of superfoods belong to fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, and low-fat dairy products categories, thus making them a healthier and cheaper alternative than processed and fast food items.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to prepare healthy dishes on a daily basis. This is where superfood powders or supplements come on. As superfood powders are packed with nutrients, it eliminates the need for individuals to buy veggies, fruits, and whole grains on a regular basis. Superfood powders basically complete the individual’s healthy diet regime.

There are many advantages to supplementing your diet with superfood powders. For those who want to maintain a clean bill of health, those who want to fuel a high-energy lifestyle, and those that are looking for dense, alkalinizing diet that speed up recovery from illness the intake of superfood powder is but a necessity. Here are some unique characteristics of superfood powders, which make the perfect addition to a healthy diet routine:

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– Replenish Alkaline Reserves

Highly concentrated green superfood powders facilitate the reduction in the acidity level of blood and tissues. By replenishing the body’s alkaline reserves, the body gains the ability of speedy recovery from injury or illness.

– Clean, Healthy Circulation

Green superfood powders are saturated with high levels of chlorophyll, a compound which is known to feature similar chemical structure to that of human blood. By increasing intake of superfoods, the blood is cleansed thoroughly as well as replenished, which results in improved oxygen transfer throughout the entire body.

– Ultimate Healthy Detox

Green superfood powders are known to boast high levels of antioxidants that ward off free radicals from natural aging process.

-Boost Immune System

Majority of ingredients incorporated in the manufacturing of superfood powders contain phytonutrients that are known to enhance the activity and overall condition of the immune system. With all of these outstanding health benefits, wouldn’t you want to include superfood powders into your daily diet?

The Best Superfood Powders

Here is a list of superfood powders and preparation which seem to have caught massive attention and interest of consumers. The high satisfaction ratings from consumers can be stemmed from the fact that they deliver significant results in terms of wellness, weight loss, and disease management as well.

  • Green Vibrance Powder

One of the more notable names when it comes to superfood powders. It features numerous allalinizing cereal grasses, green leafy vegetables, spiruline, chlorella, marine veggies, antioxidants, milk thistle, Gineger, cayenne, enzymes, and Vitamin D3. With regulr use, the Green Vibrance Powder guarantees you the following results:

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– Improve digestion and helps in the process of alkalinisation

– Efficient and fast detoxification

– Promotes healthy thyroid function

– Promotes healthy and fast hair growth and development

– Antioxidative properties

– Boost circulation

– Liver detoxification

  • Amazing Grass Green Superfood

This all-natural powdered drink is loaded with up to 80% organic ingredients that will increase energy, virility, and lead your body to health weight loss and fitness. In terms of ingredients, this superfood powder contains high doses of the following:

– Organic algae aids the body in speedy and effective detoxification

– Green leafy veggies that offer a wide variety of vitamins and minerals

– Kelp that contains high concentrations of iodine that aids in brain function and healthy growth and development of hair follicles

– Ginger and cayenne pepper facilitates normal digestive processes

– Essential fatty acids that helps in normalizing important bodily activities such as brain function, hormonal balance, and stress reduction among many others

  • Garden of Life Perfect Food Powder

This superfood powder contains up to 8000mg of greens per serving, an amount that satisfies the five to nine servings of vegetables per day to maintain optimum health. While other formulas contain fillers and non-greens, Perfect Food Super Green guarantees their formulation contains more greens and no fillers.

– Each glass contains 140 grams of fresh grass juice

– It contains high levels of Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene and features Vitamin C too

– Fortified with Spirulina that boosts immune function

– The Poten

-Zyme fermentation process ensures that nutrients incorporated in the formulation are immediately available to the body

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– Probiotic blend promotes good digestive function

– Some of the most important superfoods included in the formula are young cereal grass juices, sprouted seeds, grains, legumes, veggie juice blend, ionic plant based minerals, stevia, acerola cherry, and whole food berry antioxidant blend

  • Earth’s Promise

Earth’s Promise superfood powder is perfect for beginners who want to try out superfood powdered formulation. It contains the most basic superfoods that deliver energy to both children and adults. It features a tangy flavour that makes it easier to include into one’s daily diet. It contains fruits, vegetables, citric acid, inulin, and sea vegetables, all of which are beneficial to health and wellness. Although Earth’s Promise is not as nutritionally dense compared to other superfood powders in the market, it is a great product to purchase, if you are getting started with superfoods intake.

  • Boku Superfood Organic Drink Powder

Boku is a superfood powder blended into a nutritious and delicious health drink.  Boku is a health and wellness company that is all about manufacturing premium products that utilize superfood ingredients. If your goal is to increase your overall performance, fitness, and health, this potent formulation will easily help you in achieving them at a fast rate. Unlike competing superfood powders that are just too strong, or too green to the taste, Boku Superfood Organic Drink features a surprisingly delicious taste. The ingredients are meticulously sourced, so you need not worry about their safety, potency, and efficacy. The award-winning formula of Boku contains antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics that are geared to promoting efficient detoxification which results in enhanced function of various body processes.

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