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10 Easy Tips to a Healthier Thanksgiving

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We all tend to splurge on foods every holidays and Thanksgiving is no exception. You probably have problems with weight gain during the holidays because of this. Fear not because there are easy to follow holiday tips to a healthier Thanksgiving.

Scroll down below to find out and enjoy the holiday feast without the guilt — or the weight gain.

1. Eat Breakfast

Experts says that eating a light or small meal during breakfast is advisable since you can save up on the calories. Eat a satisfying breakfast so you won’t starve at the gathering.

2. Stay Active

Before even consuming foods on Thanksgiving, be active and do some exercise. This will help you create a calorie deficit even before the event.

3. Go Healthy

If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner or bringing food to share make sure that it is healthy. Go for foods with less sugar, fat and calories.

4. Think Portions

Seeing so much food at the Thanksgiving table will leave you craving foods you don’t want to eat. Before filling up your plate decide what you are going to eat and just select reasonable portions.

5. Eat Slowly

Experts says that eating slowly and enjoying each bites will left you more satisfied and full. Opt to eat more fruits, vegetables, salads and other foods with more water and fiber to give you that full feeling.

6. Limit Your Alcohol

Remember the calories that add up everytime you finish alcoholic drinks. Don’t forget to drink water to stay hydrated.

7. Set Realistic Goals

Strive for weight maitenance and not on weight loss. This is a time for celebration so set realistic goals.

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8. Focus on People

Think of Thanksgiving as the time to spend with your family and friends to celebrate. This will help you not just to focus on the foods on hand.

9. Plan a Workout

The day after Thanksgiving, set a fitness workout with a friend so you can burn those calories away.

10. Clean Up

Going for the second or third serving? Volunteer instead to help clean up the leftovers so you will not be tempted on those foods.

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