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What You Need to Know About Makeup Allergy

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We all love to try out different makeup products, but for people that have sensitive skin – trying on different types of makeup can lead to an allergic reaction. Allergic reaction from makeup can manifest in different ways. It can be from a mild allergy to a severe reaction. Makeup allergies are a often called contact dermatitis. It can appear as a hive, red patches on the skin, red bumps, dry patches and sometimes a burning sensation. These signs are big indication that the makeup’s formula is not sitting right with you. Below are something’s you need to know about makeup allergy.

Less Known Reactions

Redness, dry and red patches and stinging are some of the common reactions people can get from a makeup allergy. However, there are lesser known reaction such as blisters, darkening of the skin, folliculitis and blackhead. A lot of people will dismiss these symptoms and continue using this product. If you ever experience these symptoms when using a new product, stop using them to prevent making it worse.

It subsides On Its Own

If you ever experience any of these symptoms, it would be good to know that the symptoms will eventually go away within a week or more, depending on the symptoms you experience. Just make sure to stop using the product that caused the irritation and opt for lighter products. If it doesn’t subside, go to your dermatologist immediately. You may need some antihistamine or topical creams to reduce the symptoms.

Identify the Ingredients

If you commonly get makeup allergy, take note on the common ingredients in the products that causes the reactions. Watch out for this ingredient in the future to prevent allergies. Some people can get irritated from perfumes in makeup, parabens, alcohol and so on.

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Not Just In Makeup

Conditioners, nail polish, moisturizer and other beauty products can have the same ingredients such as makeup. Some people can experience dry scalps, irritated cuticles and inflamed skin due to irritation from these products. Check all your beauty items for ingredients that you are sensitive to, to prevent allergies.

Irritation Doesn’t Mean It’s a Bad Product

People will commonly dismiss a product once someone complains about getting irritation from them. It is important to take note that people react to products differently. One product can work for you and one product can cause irritation on another. Though, it is also important to look into dangerous chemicals in products such as lead.

If you have sensitive skin and commonly gets irritated from trying out new products, always perform a patch test no matter what the product. Place the product on your wrist or the back of the ear and leave it on for about 2 hours and more it is something that you are supposed to use for the whole day such as foundations. Wait for 24 hours and see if you experience any sort of reaction. Once you deem the item safe, you can try out the product.

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