Why is the Kettlebell Swing the Perfect Exercise?

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In these times where most people are glued to their seats at work, finding that one exercise that can help correct their posture while at the same ease the posterior chain from the effects of prolonged sitting is worth it. And to take it one step further, an exercise that will help them lose weight along with the other benefits is something that many of us would do. Well, there is one particular exercise that does all these and more and it’s called the kettlebell swing.

Benefits of Kettlebell Swing

  1. Safer because of the lower loads. Due to the dynamic nature of the kettlebell swing, the chances of injuring or overloading the body are significantly low. The swing of the kettlebell is considered ballistic in nature where the swing is done by punching forward at the hips. Combine this with the low load from the kettlebell and your lower back won’t experience overloading at all which is one of the reasons why many recommend this exercise for those with issues with their lower back.
  2. It’s good for your back. Those with lower back problems will most likely find deadlifts and other posterior chain exercises to aggravate their already bruised body part but with kettlebell swing, there is no damage to the posterior. For those who want to strengthen their lower back without going for the traditional lower back exercises, you should consider using the kettlebell swing.
  3. You get a full body workout. Another benefit to kettlebell swing is that it works out your entire body from your arms, your core, all the way to your lower body. What’s even better is that there are many kettlebell workouts that you can do that won’t cause you injury as long as you use proper form.
  4. Workout at home. The kettlebell swing can be done almost everywhere as long as you have your kettlebell with you. This means that you don’t have to go to the gym at all just to get your daily exercise. As long as you know the proper form, you’re well on your way to toning your entire muscles.
  5. Better posture. As it was mentioned before, sitting for hours can wreak havoc on your posture but thanks to kettlebell swings, you will be able to correct that hunched form of yours in no time.
  6. You’ll be more flexible. Since the kettlebell swing stretches and strengthens tendons and muscles, you will have more flexibility which means that you can generate more power as you perform various exercises. It also minimizes your risk of injuries too.

These are just a few reasons why the kettlebell swing is the perfect exercise for those who are looking for a single workout that targets not only the midsection but both the upper and lower body without increasing your risk of getting injured. Once you have mastered the kettlebell swing, you will see marked improvement on your posture, flexibility, and strength so why not start training now?

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