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Stay Away from Flu Shots- Here’s Why!

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It irks me so whenever I see on the news or read on the Internet or papers how institutions are insisting that people should get flu shots annually. These shots never do what they’re supposed to do, and to top it off, they also have shady elements in them. Truth be told, flu shots are only there to make those who run the pharma industry a lot richer than they already are.

The Disadvantages of the Shots

Shots, when delivered into your system carry viruses. These are injected into your tissue, in hopes of creating chaos for the system that should be giving you immunity. This is the system that stretches through the passages where you breathe and its delicate walls. You could be in a world of trouble if your immune system is compromised to begin with when you receive the flu shot. This could lead to severe complications.

Now, about those shady elements. A few ingredients have been mixed into the shot for years. Thimerosal is one of these ingredients. It is made from mercury and its function is to preserve the shot. It has been known to mess up the functions of both the brain and the immune system. There are around twenty-five micrograms of thimerosal per shot.

There also is a shot called FluMist which uses a living virus. Though it doesn’t contain thimerosal, it has a few issues that have to be addressed. The first issue is that the virus in this shot isn’t natural. It was made and cultivated in a research facility setting. The second issue is that the virus can contaminate other people, which is obviously a health risk, especially if you live with people who are sick and vulnerable to contagious diseases.

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Research Always Reveals Vaccines Are Useless

Here are some of the results of research done that prove how useless vaccines are for us.

  • The Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine reports on how kids that were vaccinated still went to their check-ups. This meant that they still got sick and were hospitalized.
  • After checking fifty-one experiments from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, it was discovered that the shots given to kids gave the same effect as a placebo.
  • A study from the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine also stated that even after given flu shots, there was no reduction in the number of casualties from the flu and pneumonia. This was compounded by the fact that there has been a fifty percent increase in vaccines available to the elderly.

What protective measure can we take?

You might be thinking of what steps you can take to make sure your health doesn’t take a dip during flu season. Luckily, you can incorporate a few changes to the way you live so you can get the things you need for your body to develop its own protection, especially during times of rampant illnesses. Read up on how you can make your body healthier so it can withstand an influenza onslaught or how it can resist other types of viruses.

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