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Makeup Tip for Sensitive Eyes

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There are a few people that have eyes that are too sensitive that applying makeup
becomes a struggle. There are not a lot of makeup that specifically cater to sensitive eyes. Though, there are a lot of tips that can help reduce your sensitivity and allow you to wear makeup. Sensitive eyes don’t stop you from using any form of cosmetics, though it does make it harder to apply eye makeup. By trying to follow this simple tips, you can enjoy a tear free face and itchy eyes through your day.Below are some makeup tips
for sensitive eyes. Read on to find out more!

Always Clean Your Brushes

One of the most important things when it comes to sensitive eyes is to always clean tools to use. This goes for your brushes and makeup. Your brushes are the most prone to acquiring bacteria and this can lead to breakouts or infections on the skin and eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, try to clean your brush at least twice a week or purchase a brush cleaner that you can use every day. Though, if you want something cheap, simple using shampoo is enough. Though, remember to leave your brushes in a clean and cool area since it is more prone to acquiring bacteria while it is wet.

Take Note of Brands

There may not be a lot of product that can cater to sensitive eyes,but there are brands that specifically create hypoallergenic and mild makeup that can allow you to wear eye makeup without any hassle. Though, this can be a case to case basis. Some people can be more inclined to some brands than to others. So, it’s best to try out different brands and find out which one really works for you before committing to using that brand.

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One of the irritating things about sensitive eyes is not being able to wear the eye shadow you want. Powder eye shadow can easily irritate the eyes, especially when they leave off a lot of excess powder. You can always purchase brands that aren’t as powdery as others, though this can still be difficult. Another option you can take is a cream based eye shadow. They really stick to the skin and won’t irritate your eyes as much. Cream eyeshadows won’t flake and try to enter your eye. Though, you have to be careful of the weather, some cream eyeshadow tends to melt during hot weather. Th
is my trickle down your eyes and cause irritation. Though, you can reduce this risk by wearing a primer. Another thing you need to avoid is glitter eye shadow.

Inner Eye

There are a lot of makeup tutorials that require us to line the inner eye. May it be with white eye shadow to give us wide eyes or black eyeshadow to give us more definition? These are really great techniques, however, for people with sensitive eyes; this can be a nightmare.The application alone can cause you to burst into tears. Having it on all day can actually leave your eyes red and swollen. So, it is greatly advised to skip applying any product on the inner eye and stick to the lash line. It is also important to stick to using products that won’t melt or flake off. The best option for lining your lash line is to use a pencil.

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Makeup Remover

This is such an important part for people with sensitive eyes. A lot of us have a bad habit of sleeping off our makeup. Not only is this bad for your skin, but also your eyes. This will make your eyes more prone to infection. For people with sensitive eyes, this can cause you to have red and irritated eyes in the morning. If you really don’t have the time to wash your face at night invest in a good makeup remover wipe. This way you can wipe away your makeup while you sit comfortably in your bed before you sleep.

Take Note of Expiration Dates

Makeup expire, even though it still looks and feels the same. This especially goes to eye makeup since it expires a lot earlier than other products. Don’t use products that have been in your drawer for a long time or is way beyond their expiration date for your own safety.

We hope that these tips were able to help you reduce your suffering from sensitive eyes. Do you have sensitive eyes? What makeup tips do you do to prevent from tearing up and washing your makeup away? What’s your favorite tip? Share it here with us!

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