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The Uses and Benefits of Olive Oil for Eyelash Growth

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A lot of women wish that they have long, dark eyelashes but not everyone is blessed with this trait. There are those  who have thin eyelashes that make their eyes seem bare while there are those whose thick lashes are a cause for envy. There are many factors that can contribute to having thin lashes such as genetics, stress, and underlying health issue just to name a few. Although you can use mascara to feign thick lashes or use extensions, you might want to look for other methods to encourage eye lash growth. One possible treatment is using olive oil.

How to Use Olive Oil for Growing Eyelashes

Olive oil only. Use a mascara wand that is clean and dry. Dip the wand in pure olive oil and apply it on your eyelashes just like you would when applying your mascara. Leave the olive oil overnight to encourage growth.

Olive oil and vitamin E oil. Another treatment that you can use for your eyelashes is to combine olive oil and vitamin E oil. Just mix the two with 70% olive oil and 30% vitamin E oil. Dip the mascara wand in the mixture and apply it as you would your mascara. Leave it on overnight for your skin to absorb the solution. Do this regularly and you will see an improvement on the quality of your eyelashes soon enough. 

Benefits of Olive Oil for Your Eyelashes 

So what exactly can you get from applying olive oil on your lashes? Here are some benefits that are linked to this treatment. 

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It contains essential nutrients. Olive oil is one of the best sources of essential vitamins and minerals that are associated with hair growth. Applying olive oil regularly can ensure that your eyelashes are getting the nutrients they need to produce stronger and healthier lashes.

It provides weight. Your lashes fall on a regular basis since this is a natural course of life, however, rapid eyelash fall can be frustrating so you might want to add more weight to them. This is where olive oil can do you good. Olive oil will add base to your lashes so that they won’t fall off so easily.

It can make your lashes thicker and fuller. Another benefit that is linked to olive oil is that it can make your lashes grow fuller and thicker. Olive oil is also useful as a makeup remover so this is another plus to using this ingredient.

It can boost hair growth. Olive  oil has often been used for both hair and skin care for ages which is why it should not surprise you that this oil can be used to stimulate hair growth in your eyelashes. Regular use of olive oil not only encourages growth but also makes your lashes stronger, thicker, and less prone to eyelash fall. 

Using olive oil to make your eyelashes grow thicker and stronger is worth trying out. Not only is olive oil safe to use, but it is rich in essential nutrients that can promote thicker lashes.

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