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Reasons to Add Cottonseed Oil to Your Diet

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The name says it all — cottonseed oil is oil obtained from the seeds of the cotton plant. In summer, they say that for you to remain cool and dry you should put on cotton clothes. Well, they also say that if you want to stay in the pink of health you should add cottonseed oil to your diet regularly.

Keep on reading to know some of the most amazing health benefits offered by cottonseed oil.

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Increased Immune System

Thanks to the loads of antioxidants present, cottonseed oil can help fend off infections by boosting your immune system. Antioxidants minimize oxidative stress, something that can make your body more vulnerable to disease-causing microorganisms in the environment.

Decreased Inflammation

Cottonseed oil also possesses impressive anti-inflammatory properties. If you think that joint pain is the only problem that can stem from uncontrolled inflammation, better think again. Experts say that there are so many different health nightmares that can strike because of chronic inflammation — from osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes to obesity.

Eliminated Excess Pounds

Speaking of obesity, you may add cottonseed oil more often to your diet if you are trying to slim down. Because of its healthy fat content, it can be very easy for you to attain satiety. Just make sure that you consume cottonseed oil in moderation because, just like other healthy vegetable oils out there, it is rich in calories.

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Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Another serious health problem that may strike because of inflammation is heart disease. This is the reason why the inclusion of cottonseed oil to your diet may actually help considerably lower your risk of heart disease risk. Just make sure that you pair its consumption with healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Reduced Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

There are many risk factors for heart disease, health experts say. Some of them include high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol levels. Based on studies, cottonseed oil helps lower the blood pressure by keeping the blood vessels healthy, and it helps reduce bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol.

Longer Hair

Aside from making you healthier, cottonseed oil can also make you look lovelier. You can in fact massage cottonseed oil on your scalp on a regular basis in order to accelerate the growth of your hair. Because it’s packed with vitamin E, it can keep your scalp healthy and your hair shiny and soft.

Smoother and Younger-Looking Skin

Unlike most other vegetable oils out there, cottonseed oil is not as greasy. This is the reason why it can be applied liberally on your skin without leaving you looking oily. It’s something that you may apply on your face to fend off fine lines and wrinkles, as well as on your elbows, knees and other rough and darkened areas of your body.

The above are some of the most impressive perks that you may enjoy simply by including cottonseed oil to your diet on a regular basis.

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So how do you welcome cottonseed oil to your life?

Well, its mild nutty flavor makes it an excellent salad dressing. You may also use it for frying due to its high smoke point — many can attest to the fact that foods fried in cottonseed oil taste more delightful. A lot of people agree that foods fried in cottonseed oil seem to have longer shelf lives than those fried in any other oil!

But before you go, let’s get one thing straight: make sure that you opt for cottonseed oil that’s unprocessed and organic. Cottonseed oil that’s hydrogenated can actually do more harm than good.

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