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6 FUNtastic Lip Colors Every Woman Must Have!

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Every woman should have a few lipstick color in her collection regardless of the time of year or the trend of the moment. These are the shades that are in perfect harmony for every season and perfectly represents her. Since a lipstick can change your mood and is an essential factor in your looks, it’s important to find the right shade. To find the perfect gloss there are a few important hings to consider.

First off: Choosing the right color for your undertone. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a lipstick can look in the tube, if your complexion and undertone don’t match the products, the color may look weird once applied.

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Next, its on to texture. While the below six colors should make it into your collection, knowing how bold of a lip–or the formula you want most–will determine what type to buy. An important rule of thumb is to pick lip colors that are one or two shades darker than your natural lip.

If you want lips that really stand out, wear something with a bit more bite. If you’re a gloss girl, but still favor highly pigmented shades, search for brands that deliver what you want.

Here are the 6 essential lip shades:

1. Nude

A nice nude lipstick is good to be worn naturally, in professional situations or be the subtle finish to a dramatic makeup look. A nude lipstick delivers just enough color that brightens up your face instead of washing you out.

2. Red

A red one is for the classic, fabulous, fierce and sultry look. A strong color that must be applied properly. It is easy to pull of, so choose from several variations of red, good for any occasions and weather.

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3. Berry

Lots of berries whether raspberry to blackberry, a hue that shows your personality. The mystery and a statement is showed all in one. Berry is a huge trend but how will you wear it in summer, maybe on a night out will do.

4. Pink

Another versatile lipstick which can be worn in different style, but it does have its own hidden mystery. Its a dual beauty that can be applied to the cheek or lips. Enjoy this romantic and innocent pinkish color.

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5. Peach

Appropriate for fair and warm skin tone. Its vibrant and lively color can be used in any age. A flattering and forgiving shade, that is best worn on a natural look.

6. Orange

Cousin of peach and a great alternative to red lipstick if you don’t dare to be bold. Different orange variations like true orange, sheer orange, or neon orange. Just wear it in style.

Shade and pucker it up, choose what you’ll wear.

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