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Tips on How to Alleviate Back Pain throughout Pregnancy

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Back pain is just one of the many conditions that women complain about during pregnancy. The main cause in the development of back pain is that of the growing uterus and various hormonal changes that happen throughout the entire length pregnancy. The growing uterus has a direct effect on the center of gravity which in turn stretches the abdominal muscles. Weakened abdominal muscles ultimately results in back pain. Increased stress on joints

also results in the development of back pain. The weight gain that is common place in pregnancy also results in recurring back pain, which may feel very uncomfortable among expectant mothers. Hormonal changes during pregnancy tend to loosen joints as well. The ligaments located at your joints are connected to the spinal region. Any weakening in this area as a direct result of hormonal changes will create discomfort among pregnant women.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways on how pregnant mothers can manage episodes of back pain during pregnancy. Here are some effective means on how you can reduce the discomfort of back pain before newborn delivery:

  • Exercise good posture

Although you may find it difficult to maintain good posture during pregnancy due to weight gain, pregnant women are advised to try their hardest to practice them to avoid discomfort. Standing up straight will allow for the spinal region to lengthen and stretch naturally.

  • Get a massage

A simple massage may be just what you need to ease your back of strain and stress. Soft and gentle strokes along the spinal region are considered safe for you and the baby. You can seek the advice of your doctor as to where you can get massages for pregnant women. Therapists are licensed to administer massage strokes that are safe for the mother and the unborn baby, as well as effective in relieving back pain.

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  • Apply heat pack

The application heat pack on the painful regions of the back can help reduce back pain episodes. The right amount of heat will increase the circulation along the spinal cord and will loosen up any nerve that is compressed due to increasing growth of the abdominal region. Make sure to apply heat pack that is warm, but not hot as the latter may cause skin burns if not checked prior to application.

  • Wear the right type of shoes
Low-heeled and supportive footwear are recommended for expectant mothers. High heels or even wedges can out a lot of strain on your back. You are also most likely to get out of balance when wearing high-hee led shoes. Wearing flat shoes also reduce the chances of tripping or falling, thus reducing overall risk of accidents while pregnant.
  • Exercise daily

It is important for women to practice exercise routines even during pregnancy. However, it is recommended that expectant mothers only perform light to moderate exercises so as not to experience exhaustion, a condition which maybe bad for both the baby and the mother. There are prenatal exercise routines that you can perform at home. If you are not confident on executing these exercises at home, you may also join gym classes that are specifically targeted to reduce back pain and other discomforts during pregnancy.

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