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Tips on How to Achieve Beautiful Lips

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Our lips tend to dry and crack when they’re dehydrated or when exposed to wind, heat, and cold even. Since the skin on our lips is considerably thinner, the blood vessels are more visible which gives our lips their reddish tinge. Unfortunately, our lips don’t have any oil glands in them to protect against the elements which is why it’s easy for our lips to become dry, raw, and cracked.

On a good note, there are a lot of ways that can help you maintain beautiful, kissable lips. Here are some tips that can help you achieve those perfect lips.

  1. Quit licking your lips. Moistening your lips with your tongue isn’t really doing you any good as the acids that are present in our tongue can do more damage. The best thing to do to keep your lips moist is to apply lip balm as it not only moisturizes your lips but keep the barrier in the skin intact.
  2. Exfoliate when you can. Another way for you to reveal beautiful lips is to exfoliate your lips when you can. Lip exfoliators help remove dead skin cells on the lips. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is best that you keep your exfoliating sessions once a week to minimize irritation as lip exfoliators have chemicals that can cause your skin to react.
  3. Apply lip balms. Lip balms must be applied when the temperature drops or when the humidity levels go down. Just make sure that you choose a lip balm that doesn’t taste good so you won’t be tempted to lick your lips from time to time. Remember that your saliva can remove moisture in your lips causing it to dry out, crack or peel. Go for lip balms that contain sunscreen protection or petroleum to prevent the UV rays from the sun to damage it further.
  4. Alternate lipsticks. Matte lipsticks last long, it’s true, but they can make your lips dry out. If your lips tend to become chapped, use matte lipsticks minimally. What you should go for instead are hydrating lipsticks that can help keep moisture in. If you’re still inclined to use matte lipsticks, apply a moisturizing lip balm first before applying lipstick to lock in the moisture to prevent drying.
  5. Bring a water bottle with you. Since dehydration is the main culprit behind dry, chapped lips it is important that you keep your lips hydrated. Bringing a water bottle with you when you’re out and about can ensure that you are keeping yourself hydrated. As much as possible, drink up to 10 glasses of water per day so that your skin will remain smooth, supple, and strong. Even your lips will thank you for this attention you are giving to your body as they benefit from the hydration that you are giving yourself.
  6. Use the right lip balms. When it comes to lip balms, you need to pay attention to the ingredients used. Go for lip balms that contain shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E oil as they can moisturize your lips. For those who are prone to cracked, dry lips, go for lip balms that are camphor-free.
  7. Have a humidifier at home. Lack of moisture in the air can make your lips dry and cracked. The best thing to do is to plug in a humidifier to ensure that your skin and your lips remain hydrated. This will prevent your lips from drying out and cracking.
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These are just a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve those beautiful lips you’ve always wanted. By keeping your puckers hydrated, you won’t have to worry about cracked and bleeding lips any time soon.

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