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Natural Treatments in Foods We Eat Everyday

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Remember being fed chicken soup when you’re not feeling well? How about fruits to combat constipation? It appears that these home remedies and others can actually combat that ill feeling you get and with no side effects too. This beats having to take medicine for every single ache and pain that you feel. So which foods are good for treating common illnesses? Try the following out.

  • Yogurt. If your bowels are a bit blocked up, you will need yogurt to keep your digestive system moving. Yogurt contains good bacteria that help regulate gut flora. This way, you won’t have to worry about being constipated at all.
  • Chicken soup. When your nasal passages are blocked and you are having the chills, there is nothing better than to put your feet up, and wrap yourself in a blanket with a bowl of hot chicken soup on hand. What’s great about chicken soup is that it contains anti-inflammatories that can alleviate your pesky colds while warming you up from the inside.
  • Apricots. Kidney stones can form when our diet consists of too much salt. To prevent this from occuring or at least help dissolve the stones that have already formed, eating apricots is worth your while. You can get 3mg of sodium, 2g of fiber, and 325mg of potassium when you eat eight dried halves of apricots.
  • Cabbages. Stomach ulcers can cause pain and discomfort but did you know that you can beat them back with the help of cabbages? This vegetable contains certain compounds that can heal the irritated stomach lining and the presence of sulforaphane can eliminate the bacteria that is causing peptic as well as gastric ulcers. You can either make cabbage juice out of it by blending the vegetable or soak it in hot water to make a soup.
  • Tuna. There are days when we are just not in the mood to be pleasant especially when we have so many things to do on our plate. But if your mood is going down hill, eat some tuna to help make you feel better. The omega-3 essential fatty acids present in tuna is perfect for improving your mood plus it is good for your cardio health too.
  • Coffee. Headaches can come and go. They can be triggered by hunger, stress, or even certain medications. One of the best ways to alleviate this problem is by drinking coffee. The caffeine in this drink can constrict your blood vessels which, in turn, can lessen the throbbing pain. You can start this remedy with a single cup but if the headache is still present, you can try drinking up to 16 ounces to experience relief.
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These are just some of the natural treatments that we can get from the everyday foods that we eat. There are more out there that you can try so you won’t have to rely on medicine too much. For sure, you’ll be surprised on how effective these remedies are when it comes to alleviating various illnesses.

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