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Get Better Sleep with Himalayan Salts

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You see salt on the table and immediately, you think of eggs or recipes where it’s one of the ingredients. In the world of skin care, salts are used as an exfoliant- to remove dead and dry skin. Salt is so common, it’s a staple in the kitchen, we see it on the bathroom counter, and we’re so used to having it around that we fail to see its hidden “greatness”. Okay maybe that was an exaggeration but seriously, salt is so much more than what we see… and taste.

Apparently, there are different types of salt. They have various shapes, sizes (colors even!) and of all these salts, the Himalayan pink salt is considered “the queen”. Wow, sounds royal, but what makes it so special? The Himalayan salt is packed with calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron – just one of the many reasons why it is so much better than the regular old salt that you currently have on your table. While it does wonders for your body when eaten, just having it around your house can also be surprisingly beneficial.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salts are pink salts but not the kind of pink that makes you want to puke. It has a beautiful shade of pink that calms you down as you look at it, while slowly putting you in a peaceful and relaxed state. Himalayan salts are not only amazingly beautiful and visually pleasing; they are also beneficial to your health. What are Himalayan salt lamps? These are made from huge chunks of the powerful substance that is Himalayan salt which has been on the market for a while now. Himalayan salt lamps have a huge fan base because it helps remove migraine, insomnia, various skin conditions, and allergies.

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G.S. Rahi, who is an assistant professor of Physical Science at Fayette ville State University believes that human beings are bioelectric in nature, just like all other living things. Your feelings and your reactions toward certain things and situations have something todo with the electrically charged particles in your body. Sensations and perceptions are connected to the positive and negative ions in your body thus affecting your physical and emotional health, mental attitude, efficiency and general well-being.

Reduce unhealthy positive ions and allow your body to find balance by placing Himalayan salts around your house.

Prepare to be amazed. It sounds a little off, but negative ions have positive effects on your health and Pierce Howard, PhD, agrees. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, making you more alert, energetic, and awake. They also improve your sleep cycles by regulating your energy levels. As a
result, you get to enjoy a good night’s rest and come day time, your alertness levels are up.

Germ Protection

Himalayan salt lamps also serve as your defense against sickness by protecting you against germs and harmful bacteria. This will reduce coughs, sneezing, throat irritations, and other allergy symptoms. There are people who don’t believe that salt lamps can improve air quality and rightfully so. The chemical composition of salt contains zero oxygen atoms, but it does have one sodium (a negative ion) and one chloride (a positive ion) atom in its molecule. It is argued that there should be a surplus in negative ions to make the health benefits possible but unfortunately, Himalayan salt lamps don’t have that.

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Of course, more research had to be done to find out if the statements are true or not. Different brands of Himalayan salt lamps were submitted for examination, and the ion detector showed that most of the negative ions were produced outside the lamp. While a small amount of negative ions were found near the lamp, the exact levels were quite hard to identify.

Since the research shows mixed results, it’s quite difficult to jump into any conclusion at this point. In practice however, the people who have experienced using Himalayan salt lamps confirmed that they did experience health benefits and relief from different types of ailments. They felt more relaxed and more at peace. Based from my personal experience, I’ve been feeling more calm since I decided to put Himalayan salt lamps in the house. I love it, I’m a big fan and I’m not quite sure if it’s because of the salt, or the beautiful shade of pink that it has.

Try it for yourself to find out if our statements are true!

Were you convinced? What are your thoughts about Himalayan salt lamps? If you’ve had any experience with it or if you want to express some concerns, write them in the comments section below. Also,if you’re looking for products with proven health benefits, visit our shop and check out the following products: Organifi Green Juice Powder, Probiotics and other goodies.

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