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Fundamentals of Household Farming and its Benefits

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Organic living has been part of the common trends in the previous years. The general masses are shifting their lifestyles to green living. This usually consists of their eating habits to the type of products they use in their everyday lives. When it comes to food, eating healthy might seem quite expensive, given you’re the usual supermarket shopper. You’ll come to figure out that the non-organic meals are actually way cheaper and easier to access than healthier ones. This is one of the main reasons people have taken matters into their own hands and started farming in their own backyards.

Due to climate change, farming outdoors has proven to be a challenge for a lot of people. The unpredictability of the climate has affected the way some farmers yield their crops. The climate has gotten so bad that farmers end up losing money due to the harshness of the weather. This is the reason why farmers and other individuals have devised a way for one to be able to plant their favorite crops inside of their very own homes.

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The only things necessary for a plant to grow are, air, water, sunlight and nutrients. All which can be found in our very own homes. Imagine the privilege of picking fresh vegetables just meters away from the stove. It doesn’t get any fresher than that to be honest. The best part of this type of farming is that regardless of how harsh the weather is, you are still able to harvest your crops with very minimal loses. You can even grow in the winter.

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What is needed to grow indoors?

The best place to grow indoors is basically the part of the house that receives the most sunlight and has good air circulation. This would usually be at a spot right next to your window. The concept of gardening plants may come off to some as extremely techy. However, just like every other farm the necessities are quite minimal in nature. Here are some of the tools needed to start growing indoors.

  • Indoor grows are quite small In nature, this usually limits the grower to a limited amount of crops. Unless you are lucky enough to have a huge space inside of your house. One of the biggest nutrients for plants to grow properly, is lights. Plants need lights. They can get this either from the sun or through specialized growing lights. If you were to invest in a large grow op, then you might need to purchase lights. This is usually the most expensive piece of equipment for any grower.
  • Pots and containers are also very essential for indoor growing. Since you’re growing indoors, your plants need something to grow on. When picking a pot for growing, make sure they are durable for when the plant has reached its full growth. Sometimes some growers buy small pots for their plants and end up buying some more because the plant outgrew the previous pot.
  • Since your plant is being grown in an enclosed location, the need for pesticide might be reduced. However, they still risk the exposure to minor pests. In order to keep your plants healthy and away from pests, it is advisable to research on the pest product for your crops. Preferably something organic that doesn’t affect the crop nor the person consuming it.
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Types of plants that can be grown indoors

Not all plants can be grown within four walls. Some plants require to be out in the open to reach their potential. Here is a list of plants you can grow indoors, regardless of the weather condition.

  • Garlic Greens
  • Sylvetta
  • Endive
  • Lettuce
  • Kale

These are just a few examples of plants that can be grown indoors, including during winter.

Benefits of growing plants indoors

  • The most obvious benefit of growing plants indoor would be the fact that you get to control what goes in to your vegetables. For the plants or vegetables, you find in the supermarket, one can never be too sure on how it was farmed. Especially with the increasing scandals of multinational companies trying to cut cost by increasing health risks.
  • You have a full functional farm during winter. Winter in some parts of the world can be very harsh, for both humans and plants. Sometimes it gets so bad that plants can’t grow. If you have your indoor grow, regardless of the weather, you can be guaranteed to reap what you sow.
  • Its relatively cheaper. Besides the initial capital to start it off with, you wouldn’t be spending much on your farm. All you have to do is to make sure your crops are healthy and you can continue to enjoy free vegetables and plants for as long as you like.
  • Given that it is inside of your house, not only does it give you good green plants it also helps with the quality of air inside of your household.
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