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Tips on Lowering Triglyceride Levels to Lower Heart Disease Risk

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Having levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream that are higher than normal can put you at risk of having heart disease. Fortunately, it is very much possible for you to lower your triglycerides levels by doing some very smart and simple steps — many of which are the same things that you do in order to stay fit and healthy.

Before we tackle those, let us momentarily put the spotlight on triglycerides.

Doctors say that triglycerides are fat molecules in your blood, and they are responsible for providing your body with energy. Actually, they are from the calories you consume but are not yet necessitated by the body, and they are stashed in you fat cells. In between meals, they are released into the bloodstream to serve as fuel.

If it’s your habit to consume lots and lots of calories, then it’s not unlikely for you to have high levels of triglycerides. Unlike cholesterol which helps in building and repairing cells as well as producing certain types of hormones, triglycerides are mainly for energy production.

Having your cholesterol levels checked (a procedure that is referred to as lipid profile or lipid panel) can reveal whether or not your triglyceride levels are within the normal and healthy range.

So if the results say that your levels of triglycerides are high, it’s a good idea for you to spring into action right away to have them lowered, and thus considerably reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Below are some of the things that you may do to effectively lower the triglyceride levels in your bloodstream:

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Get Rid of Unwanted Pounds

The more fat cells you have in your body, the more triglycerides circulate in your blood. It’s for this reason why shedding off excess pounds can help in considerably lowering your triglyceride levels. Some of the steps that you may take in order to lose unwanted weight will be mentioned below.

Reduce Your Consumption of Sugar

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, excess calories are the ones converted into triglycerides — and nothing can supply your body with lots of unwanted calories than eating foods and drinks that are loaded with sugar! So if you want to effectively bring your triglycerides levels back into the normal and healthy range, limit your sugar intake.

Go on a Low Carb Diet

Did you know that carbohydrates are just sugar molecules in disguise? This is why you should also carefully monitor your overall intake of carbs if you don’t want your levels of triglycerides to go through the roof. Numerous studies have shown that people who followed a low-carb diet had optimum triglyceride levels than those who did not.

Load Up on Foods Rich in Fiber

We all know that a diet that’s high in fiber can help prevent constipation. Are you aware that it’s also something that can help ward off high triglyceride levels? That’s because fiber helps decrease sugar absorption by the body. Similarly, a diet that’s high in fiber can also help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

There are a couple of amazing reasons why having your regular dose of exercise can help zap high levels of triglycerides. First, exercising helps make those excess pounds go away which, as earlier discussed, helps in lowering triglycerides. Second, exercising increases good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) that helps lower triglyceride levels.

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Have Oily Fish Two Times a Week

Last but not least, it is a wonderful idea for you to include a serving of fish twice a week for keeping high levels of triglycerides at bay. That’s because oily fish is a phenomenal source of healthy fat that help increase the amount of good cholesterol in your bloodstream, thus naturally lowering those levels of triglycerides.

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