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5 Natural Nail Art Designs to Follow on 2018

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Not everyone can pull off those eye popping colors on their nails which is understandable as we have our own personalities. But having to use the same old nail art designs day in and day out can get boring pretty fast. Yes, choosing safe colors like black, red, blue, and the like can be mixed and matched with our outfits but why not try something new for this year? Natural nail art designs are worth looking into if you want a subtle touch to your nails but with that added design to let your nails do the talking. Sounds good? Here are 5 natural nail art designs to try this New Year.

French tip with emojis

Most of us use social media to get in touch with family and friends so why not use your favorite emojis on your nails? You can start with doing French tip on your nails for that classic and elegant look then, once the nail polish has dried, apply some emoji stickers on your nails. You can paint your own if you have steady hands. Adding emojis to two of your nails can be a fun way to dress up this classic nail art so you can show a bit of your lighter side to your family and friends.

Single line

Your nails don’t have to be boring all the time even when you prefer to go the natural nail look. Even the simplest nail art can make a huge difference to your nails because they can easily catch someone’s attention. A single black line applied on one nail can break the monotony of your nails. You can paint your nails in peach or any pastel color that you like then draw a black line horizontal or vertical on one nail and that’s it. The single line makes your nails more interesting than just painting it in one color only.

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Glittered edge

Another natural nail art idea to try that will not make your nails too chaotic to look at is to apply some glitter nail edge to a small strip on the edge of your nails. This barely-there nail art is easy enough to do and will give a bit of sparkle to your nails. Start with the base coat to protect your nails then, once it has dried, use your glitter nail polish on the edge of your nails. Afterwards, apply top coat to seal in the color so your nails won’t easily chip.

Long nails in nude

Natural nail art doesn’t revolve around short or medium length nails alone but you can also apply it to longer nails or acrylic nails if you like. The trick here is to simply choose a natural or nude nail polish and apply it on your nails. You can make it stand out by adding a bold lettered name on one or all of the nails if you like as long as you use contrasting colors to make it pop out. If drawing a name doesn’t suit you then look for an image or two to apply on one of your nails on each hand. Don’t forget your top coat when you are done.

Black French tip

If you are aiming for something natural on your nails, then why not do your nails in black French tip? You don’t see this every day plus a reverse color is definitely going to speak volumes. Paint your nails in white first then apply black nail polish on the edge of your nails to give it that classy and elegant look. People will be emulating your nail art for sure.

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