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Different Ways to Remove Under-Eye Bags

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Looking exhausted and droopy all of the time? Is Your under eye bag adding years to your face? It is difficult to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance when your eyes look unfocused and sickly all the time. Under eye bags are like a huge warning sign that indicates you are stressed and exhausted.

There is really no way to completely remove under eye bags without surgery, but you can improve its appearance. The eye bags come from orbital fat herniating or accumulating under the skin of the lower eyelid. Eye bags can be hereditary or accumulated from an unhealthy lifestyle. The only way to completely remove the fat is through surgery. Through surgery, you can reposition the fat and completely remove the puffiness.

There has been rumors that laser treatment can remove eye bag puffiness, it can’t. It can help limit the swelling, but it cannot remove it completely.

Below are proven ways to reduce the appearance or completely remove under eye bags:

Filler or Fat Injection

Applying fillers or fat injection on the eyelid can help cover up the appearance of under eye bags. This is one of the non-surgical solution to covering up the herniating fat in the eyelids. Though, sticking something directly on the eyelid can be dangerous. This can cause infections and problems with your eyesight. Always ask a medical professional to perform this technique.


A Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that adds or removes fat from the eyelids. Though the term “eyelid lift” has been used to describe Blepharoplasty, there is no actual lifting involved during this surgery. They manage to “lift” the eyelids by cutting out the skin or adding fat. To remove under eye bag, you require lower eyelid surgery. This procedure requires an incision below the lower lash line. Through this incision, fat is then added or removed. This procedure can also be combined with laser treatment to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

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Cheek Fillers

When your cheeks start to droop the inflammation in your under eye area more prominent. You can cover up and camouflage your under eye area by putting on some cheek fillers. Adding volume to your cheek area will balance out the hollow area between your under eyelids. This will be a nice improvement in this area. This is an easier than going through surgery. Though, this procedure is not permanent.

Natural Remedies

You can’t completely remove under eye bag using these remedies, but it can help reduce the puffiness for a short period.

Potato – Refrigerate two slices of potato for about half an hour. Place the potato on top of your under eye area. Leave it on for half an hour, use this remedy every day to see significant results.
Oil – Mix in a few drops of vitamin E oil in cold water and mix it together. Dip cotton pads or sponges in the mixture and place these in the eyes for 20 to 30 minutes. This will help with the puffiness.
Tea Bags – For a quick de-puffing treatment. Place used tea bags in the fridge and leave it in until it is completely chilled. Place the teabags over your eyes for about 25 minutes and wash it off with cold water. This will make the muscles and fat in the area contract.
Egg White – Separate the egg yolk from the whites and beat the whites until it becomes frothy. Use a brush and apply it to the under eye area. Leave it on for about 20 to 25 minutes and rinse with cold water. This will help tighten the skin and make it appear less puffy.

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Under eye bags can be caused by imbalances in the body. This imbalance can be treated with acupuncture. Under eye bags can be an underlying symptom of allergies, indigestion or headaches. Acupuncture can help reduce imbalances and mostly will improve the appearance of the eye bags.

There are different ways to treat under eye bags. These treatments are some of the most well-known and widely used in the world. There is no sure fire way to completely remove under eye bags without surgery. Though, before considering surgery consult a doctor about the cause of your under eye bags. This can be caused by an underlying illness that can be easily treated with medication.

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