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Other Uses for that Bottle of Harsh Listerine

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Alright, so you have found a better mouthwash alternative.  You may have found something better, perhaps more gentle, organic, alcohol-free, good things like that.  I gotta say Listerine is very harsh, watering it down makes it less harmful but there are better ways to disinfect your delicate mouth.  Ever feel stripped and raw from such a mouthwash?  And worse you get an unnaturally dry mouth which eventually turns to bad breathe sooner than you think.

The denatured alcohol, the highly concentrated menthol extracts and other synthesized extracts are much too harsh.  We never had to use such products to stay clean in the past.

So you have moved on to a more natural or organic approach but you still have a bottle of that Listerine!  If you have suddenly become one of those super protective, eco-friendly people then you might just rid of that mouthwash.

It will harm the environment either way so might as well put it to other good use before completely throwing it out.

  1. Soak fungus infected feet in it.

The alcohol and sharp menthols soothe the feet and skin and can rid of all the itching.  Soak with some hot water mixed with Listerine and relax for 30-45 minutes.  Make sure you put a bit of lotion to avoid drying and more itching.

  1. Emergency deodorant.

Get cotton balls or folded tissues and dab the mouthwash with it.  Dab and rub onto your armpits if a stink attack hit them and you don’t have a new deodorant yet.

  1. Emergency hand sanitizer and cleanser.

Better diluted or washed with water for more dirt stripping.  If you have tissues you can make your own emergency wet wipes.

  1. Shoe cleaner.
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A bit on the sole wiped off with cloth or tissue or even an old toothbrush.  If the shoe itself can handle it dab a little diluted Listerine to wipe off and shine the rest of your shoe.

  1. Dab on itchy skin, can kill or minimize fungus.

But do not forget to apply cream or mild lotion afterwards, or an antibacterial cream.

  1. Toilet bowl deodorizer.

After flushing pour it around the sides on the higher parts of the bowl so the liquid gets everywhere and deodorizes more efficiently.  Do not flush again for at least 30-40 minutes.  Better at least an hour.

  1. Bathroom or kitchen tile cleaner.

With thick paper towels, a cloth or sponge mixed with coarse salt for extra scrubbing power.  The salt is optional, the alcohol in Listerine is already very tough.  Also can be used before dis soap to strip off the first major layer of grease.

  1. Pour in trash to deodorize.

Trash starting to stink but is not filled up yet?  Pour in this mouthwash to rid of the stench and add dry, clean trash on top like shredded paper, plant matter or just a layer of plastic.

  1. Clean and polish glass, screens and mirrors.

Dab onto a cloth first please!  Do not make the mistake of pouring loose liquid onto devices.

  1. Disinfect toothbrushes.

Soak toothbrush and even dentures in a Listerine solution for up to 2 hours.

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