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The Things You Can Do To Prevent Gout

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Gout is just one of the many types of arthritis that have been prevalent in recent decades. This condition is also called as rich man’s disease, and is now one of the growing diseases men and women suffer from.

Gout reflects your metabolic health. It is one of the many signs that tell you the inner workings of the body. The appearance and severity of symptoms and long-term management will highly depend on your lifestyle choices and dietary habits. Simply put, if you implement good lifestyle habits and nutritional diet, you can control gout attacks.

At present, gout affects up to 8.3 million Americans. The number is fast rising as modern society facilitates the access to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

The most common symptoms associated with gout attacks are:

  • Pain in the big toe starting at night
  • Affected areas are warm, red, and swelling
  • Tenderness in affected joints
  • The fingers, toes, or the feet may suffer from gout
  • Infected joints
  • Red or purple discoloration of the skin over the affected joint
  • Itchy and peeling skin after a gout attack
  • Limited range of motion in the affected joint
  • The symptoms are associated with metabolism by-products

The symptoms appear due to the increasing uric acid crystal deposits in between joints. According to studies, the formation of crystals may be associated with metabolic syndrome- a collective group of conditions that are characterized by leptin resistance, insulin resistance, obesity, hypertension, and fasting blood glucose higher than 100mg/dl.

Purine is a compound found some food items is considered to contribute to energy metabolism and as a crucial component of co-enzymes. Our cells need purine for survival and growth and development. Once processed, purine converts into uric acid.

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Humans do not produce uricase, an enzyme that turns uric acid to simpler compounds that can be easily flushed via urine. The increased build up of uric acid will dictate how severe the gout attack will be.

When the body’s natural metabolic process are not functioning properly, it can lead to the overproduction of uric acid and crystalline deposits in between joints.

How to naturally treat gout

  • Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly and constant movement will help in bringing down leptin and insulin to normal levels. Decrease in these chemicals will result in reduction of uric acid in the bloodstream. If you are suffering from gout symptoms, it is best to limit exercising to reduce permanent damage to the joints.

  • Never exercise a joint that is actively suffering from gout
  • Switch to another exercise routine if you suffer from joint pain an hour after finishing workouts
  • Make sure to consult professional therapists in order for you to execute safe range of motions even with gout

If you are not showcasing gout symptoms, you may want to try out high-interval training with strength training.

  • Increase Vitamin D levels

Numerous studies reveal the importance of Vitamin D in keeping optimal health and in the prevention of medical conditions including diabetes type 2, heart disease, and cancer. Evidence also suggests that Vitamin D plays an important role in preventing metabolic syndrome- a condition linked to gout attacks.

In order to raise Vitamin D to optimal levels, sensible sun exposure is a must. Through exposure to the sunrays, the body gains the ability of creating its own Vitamin D3 stores. Make sure not to overexpose yourself from the sun. Your skin turning into a light shade of pink is indicative that you’ve had enough exposure to the sun. Staying under the sun in the afternoon may result in skin damage and sunburn.

  • Get Enough Sleeping Hours
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Getting enough sleep at night is beneficial to overall health. In addition, it also helps in reducing the risk of storing abdominal fat deposits. Lack of sleep greatly suppresses the immune system as well as increases appetite and premature aging.

Ideally, you need at least seven to nine hours of sleep at night.

  • Exercise Grounding

Grounding also called earthing is an activity where you walk and stand barefoot on bare earth. This process allows free electrons from the earth to enter the body. The free electrons contain antioxidants that fight free radicals that may have clogged in the system.

The process of grounding can significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, it may also thin the blood- a condition that decreases the risk for gout.

  • Decrease Stress Levels

Stress is somewhat uncontrollable in modern society. This condition has been proven to increase cortisol levels that reduce the body’s sensitivity as well as increase inflammatory processes.

Inflammation reduces the body’s ability to get rid of infections, and is an important element in the development of numerous diseases.

Eating Considerations

  • Limit the intake of fructose
  • Eat cherries in moderation
  • Consume celery seed extract
  • Increase your consumption of potassium-rich food items
  • Never eat soy or soy-based products
  • Limit your alcohol intake
  • Drink high amounts of water

Do not eat food items that are high in purine

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