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Reasons to Add Tamarillo to Your Regular Diet

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There is a fruit that looks like a tomato inside and out, although a lot smaller. It’s called tamarillo. There are times, too, when it is referred to as tomatotillo because of the way it looks. Intrigued by a tamarillo? Then continue reading to learn more about it as well as get to know some of the impressive health benefits its consumption brings.

It is believed that the small-sized tree from which tamarillo comes, which is called tree tomato, is native to high-altitude areas in South America, such as the mountainous regions of Peru and Brazil. However, the said tree can now also be found across the planet, particularly in areas where the climate is tropical.

Red and yellow — these are the colors that tamarillo can come in, depending on the cultivar. Basically, the difference in color is brought about by which plant-pigment is present, and they are anthocyanin (red) and carotenoid (yellow). These pigments have superb antioxidant properties, and they make tamarillo so good for the body.

Slice open a tamarillo and you will see something very similar to a sliced up plum tomato. The flesh is deep in color and very juicy, boasting of a sweet yet somehow tart flavor. There are also lots and lots of seeds that look exactly like tomato seeds, although the ones in tamarillo are a tad larger.

Thanks to the wonderful taste of tamarillo, you are not going to have a hard time incorporating this exotic fruit in your diet on a regular basis. Here are some of the best reasons why you should do just that:

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Optimized Eye Health

Vitamin A is one of the many, many nutrients present in tamarillo. Everybody knows that this particular vitamin is very good for keeping the eyes healthy and the vision 20/20. When shopping for tamarillo and you want to keep your peepers in an excellent shape, opt for the yellow kind as it packs more vitamin A than its red counterpart.

Increased Immunity

Another vitamin you can obtain from tamarillo is vitamin C which is well-known for its role in strengthening the immune system. Especially if the cold or flu season is just around the corner, it’s a great idea for you to start including tamarillo in your everyday diet to help get your immune system revved up.

Delayed Aging of the Skin

There is one more thing that vitamin C is very good at, and it’s keeping the skin young-looking and beautiful. That’s because vitamin C is actually an antioxidant that neutralize free radicals which damage the skin cells. Vitamin C in tamarillo also helps in the synthesis of collagen, thus it keeps your skin from looking saggy and wrinkly.

Lowered Cancer Risk

One look at brightly-colored tamarillo and you can easily tell that it is packed with antioxidants that are known to possess so many abilities, and one of those is fighting off cancer cells. We are all aware how deadly cancer can be, and the consumption of tamarillo can help in lowering our odds of having to battle it.

Controlled Blood Pressure

It’s not just the big C that tamarillo may help fend off, but also heart disease, heart attack and stroke. It’s for the fact that the said fruit can help in lowering high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for those scary problems. What makes tamarillo very good at controlling the blood pressure is its potassium and antioxidant content.

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Reduced Excess Pounds

Consuming tamarillo is also a wonderful idea if you are trying to get rid of unwanted pounds. That’s because it is high in fiber and water, making it superb at driving away food cravings. Tamarillo is also capable of detoxifying the body, making the elimination of excess fat easier with proper diet and regular exercise.

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