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How to Lower High FSH Levels Naturally

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Are you trying to get pregnant but can’t because your doctor just told you that you have increased FSH levels? Continue reading. Below you will find some of the steps that you may take to have your FSH levels lowered naturally.

Before we tackle these steps that have worked for a lot of women, let us first get to know FSH a little more.

Follicle stimulating hormone — that’s what FSH stands for. Both men and women have it in their bodies. In women, the said hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland which is situated at the base of your brain. FSH is very important in a woman’s reproductive health. That’s because it is the hormone that directs the ovaries to bring into being every month a follicle that contains an egg that may be fertilized by a sperm.

You may think that having high FSH levels is a good thing because it will prompt the ovaries to produce more of those egg-containing follicles, thus increasing your likelihood of getting pregnant. This is absolutely wrong. According to doctors, increased FSH levels for a long time can prevent the ovaries from responding to it properly.

There are a handful of reasons why your FSH levels may increase. Some of them include polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian failure and an abnormality in the chromosomes.

As you age, your pituitary gland secretes more and more FSH in order to compensate for the fact that your ovaries tend to produce fewer and fewer eggs. It’s for this reason why it is not uncommon for high FSH levels to signal the coming of menopause. Despite of this, the chance of getting pregnant is lower, but is still possible.

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Now that you are acquainted with FSH and why having high levels of this hormone can make it harder for you to be in the family way, it’s time for us to discuss some of the things that you may do in order to normalize your FSH levels.


Exercise on a Regular Basis

It’s no secret that regular exercise offers so many health benefits. One of them is the regulation of hormones. Something as simple as brisk walking, swimming, bicycling or even dancing on a regular basis can encourage the pituitary gland to stop producing excessive amounts of FSH. However, do steer clear of doing intensive exercises as it can actually wreak havoc to your body’s hormone levels!


Get a Massage

A massage helps improve blood circulation, and it can help nourish your ovaries and prompt them to generate healthy eggs. We all know that a massage is a great way to combat stress. If you have high FSH levels and you wish to get pregnant, you should definitely manage stress effectively.


Take Good Care of Your Kidneys

Your kidneys help remove impurities and poisonous substances in the blood, and that’s why keeping them in superb shape can help keep your body’s hormone levels normal. Drink plenty of fluids and limit your consumption of foods high in sodium to promote healthy kidneys.


Detoxify Your Body

Stay away from personal care items and household cleaning products that contain chemicals that can disrupt normal hormone balance. Similarly, you should save yourself from coming into contact with environmental pollutants. Consuming organic foods as much as you can is definitely a wonderful idea. Juicing and adding cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale in your diet can help in neutralizing toxins.

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Try Certain Adaptogen Herbs

Certain herbs are touted as adaptogens as they help the body respond to or bounce back from stress much better. Since stress can cause hormonal imbalance, the intake of adaptogens may help put your high FSH levels under control. Vitex, maca, and panax and American ginseng are some of the well-known adaptogens. Do remember that it’s a good idea to tell your doctor about your desire to try some of these herbs.

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