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How to Prevent Vaginal Dryness

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Vaginal dryness can affect any women at any age. However, it’s more common among those who are in the menopausal stage because of hormonal imbalance, in particular the sheer drop of estrogen levels. In fact, nearly 50 percent of all menopausal women experience vaginal dryness, but only a few of them talk about it or get help.

The problem with vaginal dryness is it tends to come with a bunch of other issues that can make things worse. Itchiness, burning sensation, and pain during sexual intercourse are commonly encountered, too, because of it.

Already in your menopausal stage and vaginal dryness is bugging you every single day? It can be very worrisome to think that it’s something that you have to live with for the rest of your life. However, there are certain things that you may carry out at home in order to attain relief from vaginal dryness as well as prevent it from striking.

Milk and Aloe Vera Gel

One of the best home remedies for vaginal dryness is the combination of equal amounts of milk and aloe vera gel. Apply the resulting mixture on your privates to help ease the dryness and other accompanying symptoms. You may also dilute 100 percent pure aloe vera juice with equal amounts of water as an alternative solution.

Speaking of aloe vera juice, you may actually consume a cup of it on a daily basis to help deal with vaginal dryness from the inside out.

Coconut Oil

Another impressive way to deal with vaginal dryness naturally is with the help of coconut oil. All you have to do is apply liberal amounts of it inside and outside your feminine area, and then wipe off excess with tissue paper. Coconut oil may also be used as a lubricant to ward off pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse.

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However, it’s not a good idea to rely on coconut oil when having protected sex. According to experts, coconut oil may actually cause a condom to break.

Olive Oil

You may also count on olive oil for the prevention as well as reversal of vaginal dryness. What you need to do is generously apply it down there. Allow 20 to 30 minutes to pass before using tissue paper to wipe off excess amounts of olive oil. By the way, this vegetable oil also makes for an excellent lubricant.

But just like coconut oil, olive oil may also cause a condom to break. It’s a good idea for you to use a lubricant that is especially made for the job.

Eat Nuts, Seeds and Fish

Women who are experiencing vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes should throw more nuts, seeds and fish into the diet because all of them are excellent sources of those healthy omega-3 fatty acids that can help in keeping the vagina lubricated. What’s more, these foods are also great for the heart and joints.

On the other hand, processed food should be avoided as the chemicals they contain can only cause the hormones to become disrupted further.

Regular Exercise

Numerous studies have shown that menopausal women who suffered from vaginal dryness and other related issues were able to attain relief by exercising on a regular basis. Something as simple as walking, swimming or dancing regularly is usually enough for you to see results.

By the way, exercising is also good for dealing with other problems that come with menopause, such as mood swings, insomnia and osteoporosis.

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All of the above are some of the best ways to prevent and relieve vaginal dryness. If the problem still continues to bother you after trying out the tips above, you may consult your gynecologist. He or she may recommend treatments such as hormone replacement therapy, as well as inform you about the amazing benefits and unpleasant side effects.

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