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The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Household Baking Soda

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Baking soda is a common household item. You could look into your own pantry now and you can probably find some sitting there idly. As it turns out, there are a lot of things that this compound is capable of doing. This $1 kitchen staple can be used as an inexpensive DIY alternative to many luxurious and expensive spa treatments. See below for a list of beauty tricks that can be made possible by using this cheap yet trusty product.

1. Baking soda as a hair clarifier.

Dumping a ton of hair products on your scalp can make your hair go limp and look totally lifeless. But don’t fret; baking soda can come to your aid. To rescue your hair and scalp, sprinkle about a quarter-size amount of baking soda into a dollop of your usual shampoo variant. Wash your hair and rinse as usual. Once you’re done, notice the difference in your hair as it becomes more shiny and manageable afterwards.

2. Baking soda as a dry shampoo alternative.

Dry shampoo is a great go-to product during the times that you’ve overslept, during post-workout touch-ups and for those hot summer days when you’re all feeling greasy by the time the clock hits 5pm. When you need to look fresh at a flash and you don’t have a can of dry shampoo at your disposal, just sprinkle a few pinches of baking soda into your hair roots and start tousling your hair. Afterwards, run a brush through your mane and watch the oil dissipate from your view.

3. Baking soda as a hairbrush cleaner.

Your hairbrush is prone to accumulating product residue because of frequent use. Rather than chucking it into the trash bin, choose to remove the grime and dirt from your hairbrush with the use of the very handy baking soda. To do this, pour warm water on a basin and add baking soda. Recommended amount is about one teaspoon. Soak your brushes in it for 20 minutes then rinse after. Allow to dry on a towel and voila—you just gave your hairbrush a new lease on life.

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4. Baking soda as a facial scrub.

Loving that deep-clean feeling you get from using facial scrubs embedded with micro beads? Those products may be great for your skin, however they tend to be expensive and some are even harmful to the environment. Why? Because those plastic micro beads can easily slip through water filtration systems which can in the long run make its way to streams, oceans and other bodies of water which can in turn pose a considerable risk to marine life and
other animals. A better and safer alternative—create your own facial scrub with the use of baking soda. Just make a paste consisting of 1 part water to 3 parts of baking soda. Rub gently into your face and rinse as you normally would.

5. Baking soda as body exfoliator.

When dry and dead skin cells accumulate at the surface of your skin, it will create a dull and ashy appearance. So speed that cell renewal and get an enviable glow by exfoliating your skin once weekly.There’s no need to purchase any of those expensive
body scrubs being advertised in the market, simply employing the use of some good old baking soda would be enough. Create a paste by using the same formula as our face and slough away dead cells in no time.

6. Baking soda as an artificial tan remover

Have you ever applied a self tanner expecting to achieve a healthy, bronzed look but instead ended up with orange-colored skin with unsightly streaks? Yes, this could happen and when it does, you don’t necessarily have to wait for it to disappear on its
own. Use a body exfoliator made up of three parts baking soda to one part water, and gently scrub your tanner off your skin.

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7. Baking soda as a deodorant.

Baking soda works great as a deodorant especially for people who have ultra-sensitive skin. What’s good with baking soda is it neutralizes both acidic and basic compounds, which makes it great in banishing odors. Also it won’t stain your clothes unlike so
many anti-perspirants out there would.

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