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Reasons Why You Should Exercise

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If you notice the influx of weight loss pills, fitness magazines and exercise equipment. You’ll notice the worldwide obsession with weight loss. While wanting to achieve your ideal weight is all unicorns and rainbows, when you start to focus too much on the number and time spent exercising then that could turn dangerous. People that solely focus on the calorie count and the energy burned tend to lose focus on weight loss a lot faster. There is a huge difference with a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy for the time being.

Besides eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet is important. The other important thing when it comes to weight and health maintenance is to have a consistent exercise regimen. Exercising consistently isn’t just so you could burn off that slice of pizza or so you could get that buns steel. Exercising is much more than that, we will discuss below the other reasons why exercising is important.

Aerobic Ability

Aerobic ability is your body’s capacity to work at optimum level by getting oxygen from the air to your tissues. People tend to lose their aerobics ability, as you age. You lose about a percent of your aerobic ability every year. That’s why the older you get, the more huffing and puffing you do when you walk up the stairs. You can cut this loss by half by exercising. This will build up your aerobic ability and keep your lung capacity high.

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Reduce Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a form of heart disease cause by increased plaque in your arteries. This plaque is caused by a high fat diet. Exercising regularly will reduce your blood pressure and reduce the plaque in your arteries. As your arteries start to loosen up the more freely your blood flows, making your blood
pressure drop significantly. Chances of hypertension also decreases, since the heart is a muscle. Exercise will make it stronger and keep it pumping. The stronger your heart muscle becomes the better it is in pumping blood in your arteries, which will reduce blood pressure.

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Lower the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

There has been a sudden rise in cases of type 2 diabetes worldwide. It has suddenly become a crisis and is greatly affecting our youth. Even if you are not personally affected by this disease you should know about the risk you face of diabetes. Thecomplications from type 2 diabetes can pose serious and life
threatening effects on the body. By exercising regularly, you reduce the risk of getting diabetes. When you exercise your body is able to metabolize glucose better, the better you metabolize glucose the lesser chances of getting the disease. This also works for people with adult onset diabetes, working out will help keep your glucose level low.

Maintaining Immune Function

Your immune system protects you from toxins and infection. It is responsible for maintaining a healthy body. Our immune system slowly declines as we age, but with the help of regular exercise you can cut down the decline. Exercising can also help reverse
some of the effects of aging.

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Reducing Body Fat

Your body mass index measures your overall metabolic being. This is where you learn if you are obese, over weight, underweight and normal weight. Learning your BMI will help you determine the right exercise actions you should take. The more you exercise the more body fat you burn. The body fat you burn the better your metabolic rate becomes.

Strong Bones

As we age, we lose bone mineral strength, making you more prone to bone loss and damage. Exercise can prevent that. Resistance training can help increase your bone strength. Lifting weights a few times a week can keep you from feeling joint pains when you age. Another way to prevent bone loss is by packing on the calcium while you’re still young. Now you know about the different reasons to exercise. We hope that this gives you the motivation to break a sweat. Besides the reasons listed above, there are so much more reasons why to exercise. There is little to no negative effect when it comes to exercise. It’s the cheapest way you can ensure you remain healthy and happy.

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