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Secrets to Making Your Skin Glow Naturally

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Our skin plays a huge role on our body as scientists and medical experts see it as an organ that is critical to our existence. The skin may just be the outer layer of your body in your eyes, but it is also charged with several roles such as protecting our organs and bones, absorbing essential vitamins and minerals from the sun and the environment, as well as allows you to feel things. This is why we need to show our skin some TLC especially when you want to make it glow healthily.

The good news is that keeping your skin glowing naturally is possible. If you are looking for tips on skin care, these ones are for you.

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Sunscreen is your friend. Applying sunscreen on your body, particularly on the areas that are exposed, is highly recommended as too much sun can end up damaging your skin cells which can cause premature aging. Wearing sunscreen can provide you with protection so your skin won’t easily dry up.

Check for dryness. If you are wondering whether your skin is dry or not, scratch the skin on your arm or leg with a fingernail. If this leaves a white mark then this means that your skin needs more moisture and exfoliation to reveal new and healthy skin cells.

Care for your makeup brushes. To ensure that your skin remains flawless, make sure that you clean your makeup brushes regularly to get rid of dust, dirt, and bacteria. This way, you can protect your skin against germs that may cause blockage in your pores which can lead to acne breakouts.

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Sleep is important. For those who sleep late at night, you might want to rethink your night time habits as lack of sleep can leave your skin looking dull. Getting a good night’s sleep can rejuvenate and heal your skin so that it will appear glowing the next day. Plus, getting proper rest prevents fine lines and wrinkles from appearing earlier than usual.

Olive oil can help. Olive oil is known to contain monounsaturated fat which can moisturize and hydrate your skin so it will be smooth and supple. Add a few drops on your face, knees, elbows and the backs of your arms at night to help moisturize the areas.

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Unscented baby power can help. There are areas in our body where skin meets skin such as in our inner thighs, under the breasts, and the like. Bacteria tend to cling to areas that are moist so you might want to keep the areas mentioned clean and dry as much as possible. A good trick is to use unscented baby powder in these affected areas so they will remain dry.

Moisturize immediately. Most people tend to moisturize a few minutes after they finished taking a shower which means that their skin doesn’t get enough moisture it needs. Beauty experts recommend that you lather on your favorite moisturizer while your skin is still damp for better absorption.

Exfoliate. Like it was mentioned before, your skin needs to be exfoliated if you want to reveal healthy skin. As we age, our skin cannot remove dead skin easily that is why we need to give it a helping hand through exfoliation. Look for exfoliating products that contain 8% of AHA or alpha-hydroxy acids. You should keep in mind though that there might be a stinging sensation when you use the product for the first time but will eventually fade once your skin gets used to it.

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These are just a few examples on how you can keep your skin naturally beautiful and healthy. Who said that you can’t have youthful looking skin when you age?

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